Hawaii The “Land of Enchantment”

The “Land of Enchantment” has it all. Warm sun, endless beaches caressed by deep blue Pacific waters, adventures by day and romantic evenings, create memories that last a lifetime. Hawaii is a destination that lives up to the hype and expectations of a first time visitor, and has an allure for those who want to […]

Paris Louvre

Me, with my love in tow, just returned from our first trip to Paris together. We’ve been to Europe many times, but just never seemed to make it to Paris for some reason. That was a mistake. This is now one of my favorite cities to visit. There are just so many attractions to see […]


I finally came to Paris – the city of light, fashion, culture, romance and delicious kitchen. It is not only French, but true cosmopolitan capital. For decades it fascinated visitors with its sights and it still did not lose its fame. Millions of tourists make it year by year one of the most visited world […]

The 3 Must-See Romantic USA Vacation Spots

The United States has 3 major romantic vacation destinations, such as Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida. Each tourist destination can provide the best lodging options and the best attractions. The three-must-see romantic vacation spots, such as Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida, are the three major tourist destinations in the world. Individuals especially couples always plan […]

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