Saint Lucia, Hotel Chocolat

When my wife and I were looking for a place to vacation in Saint Lucia, we looked at a number of various luxury hotels, but the one that caught our eyes was Hotel Chocolat. Both of us love chocolate (especially my wife) and we were thrilled to find a luxury hotel, whose theme was chocolate and is located on a chocolate plantation called “The Rabot Estate.” This has truly been the best vacation we had ever been on.

After arriving on St. Lucia, it was only about a half-hour drive to the hotel. After checking in, we ventured our way to the room. I could not get over the sheer magnificence of the architecture of the Hotel Chocolat. Though I had seen pictures of our room, I was excited to see how it would like in person. I was not disappointed.

To say that our room was fantastic would have been an understatement. It was a large room that was apparently 450 square feet. A plush sofa was very inviting after we had situated our luggage. It was great to close our eyes, have a class of prosecco and soak in the fact that we were at the Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia. After resting for a while, we looked around our room and were delighted to see the gorgeous view of Petit Piton, one of the mountains in St. Lucia. In addition to Petit Piton, I was overwhelmed by the sight of the rainforest that surrounded our hotel and the cocoa estate. As my wife and I were on our way to dinner, it was so great to know that that the rainforest and Petit Piton will continue to be there for our entire vacation.

At dinner, my wife and I were placed at a corner table and our first course began with sharing a Citrus Salad with White Chocolate Dressing. The salad was fresh and the dressing was quite enticing. For the main course, my wife decided to go with the Ravioli, which she found quite tasty. I went with the catch of the day and the chef did a fantastic job with the herbs and seasonings that were used. My wife, who does not like fish, tried it and she enjoyed it too. For dessert, we decided to share a tasting plate called “The Bean to Boucan Chocolate Tasting Plate.” It was all delicious. I felt like a sponge as I soaked up the whole dining experience and the wonderful atmosphere. I am pleased to say that many of our lunch and dinner experiences were just like our first: relaxing, delicious and quite enjoyable.

Our first day was spent exploring the “Tree to Bar.” This is where we toured the Rabot Estate’s chocolate plantation. I must confess I was virtually clueless about how chocolate is made, let alone grown. As we walked around, we got to see the countryside of St. Lucia up close. In addition, we cut cocoa pods from a certain tree and got to make our own chocolate. It tasted delicious and it was neat to have done it ourselves.

One of the reasons that we chose the Hotel Chocolat was because of their spa. We wanted an exotic place to go that had a terrific spa that we could feel relaxed and pampered. There were a variety of massages that we could receive and it was difficult to decide on one, but we chose the Swedish massage. It was fantastic! It seemed like time stood still as my body and mind started to unravel from all the stress that it had undergone. This was definitely a place we went back to several times during our vacation.

At the end of ten days, my wife and I headed by to the ‘States. As we boarded the plane, my mind quickly went back to our adventures at the Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia. I thought of the exquisite dining, the breathtaking rainforests, the delicious chocolate, the relaxing spa and most importantly the fact that I experienced this with my wife. Though we have not been back for that long, my wife and I look forward to going back to the sweet Hotel Chocolat soon.

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