When Is The Best Time To Travel

When it comes to traveling, there are numerous places which we want to visit during our vacations. However, since there is a limited time when it comes to taking a vacation, it’s important to take it in the right season. Some locations in Europe however are better off being visited at the beginning of the […]

Traveling With Only English

One of the reasons Americans don’t generally travel overseas is the lack of ability to speak a second language. Those Americans who do speak a second language generally travel only to countries where that language is spoken. If your second language is Spanish, you have quite a few options for your travels; South America, Central […]

Kauai’s Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resort

When planning a group trip, whether it’s for business, a family reunion, a wedding or anything else, there isn’t any place better than Hawaii! And though all the islands have their own adventure, beauty and charm to offer, Kauai is the perfect blend of relaxation, fun and tropical paradise. If you’re looking to get the […]


My girlfriend, Natasha, and I have traveled the world together over the past seven years. We’re both Americans, but have spent most of our time together traveling and living overseas. While we’re now traveling Central America, and loving it, one of our favorite spots to visit was Istanbul, Turkey. The culture, history, people and food […]

Sydney, Australia

My girlfriend, Natasha, and I recently made the trip from Nicaragua, to Sydney, Australia. While the flight seemed like it would never end, it was definitely worth it once we got there. We’ve never been to Australia before, and had every intention of spending our two weeks exploring as much of the continent as we […]

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