All-Inclusive Jamaica Vacations – 5 Things to Before Leaving For Your Trip


So a few months back you booked your stay at an all-inclusive Jamaica resort. You have been excitingly awaiting your trip and now that time has arrived. Whether you are scheduled to leave in one day or one week, there are some important things you want to do beforehand. What?

Double Check Travel Plans: You want to review your printed reservations, including your reservations for your all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, your airline reservations, and more. You may have booked your trip as much as six months ago. Not only ensure you made the right travel plans, but familiarize yourself with those all-important dates and times. Now is also the time you want to grab your passport and pull it aside. Your passport is one of the first things you should have requested because it is needed for travel to and from Jamaica from the United States. If you don’t have a passport right now, hopefully you still have time to order yours.

Review Resort’s List of Inclusions: Once again, you may have booked your stay at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica six months or more ago. It will be hard to remember the ins and outs of your resort, so familiarize yourself again. Go to the resort’s online website. What you are looking for in particular is the resort’s list of inclusions. Focus most of your attention on things to do and see. For example, many beachfront all-inclusive Jamaica resorts include snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and kayaking in with your stay. Inclusions don’t cost you extra, so you want to get good use from them but you must first remember what is available to you as a guest.

Research Nearby Attractions: One reason why all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica are so popular is because you never need to leave to have a good time; there are some many great things to do and see right on the resort grounds. However, you may want to get out and explore the island of Jamaica. There are many attractions, as well as sightseeing tours available. Although reservations aren’t always required, you still want to familiarize yourself with your options. Doing so enables you to price compare to find the best deal. After all, why pay more money than you need to? Moreover, you can also take the time to find attractions with low or no admission fees.

Decide on Spending Money: When you stay at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, a good percentage of your trip is included in the cost. Your package may include your room, food, drinks, snacks, tips, qualifying airport transformers, and most forms of onsite entertainment, but it is still a good idea to bring some extra spending money. How much do you need? It all depends. Consider the above mentioned points – do you want to venture off the resort property or do you want to enjoy things onsite (like a spa massage) that cost extra? If so, the research you did enables you to estimate their costs, giving you a relatively good idea how much extra spending money you need. At your resort and at many offsite shopping centers and restaurants, credit cards are usually accepted.

Check the Weather: One reason why Jamaica is a popular vacation destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, and trips with friends is because of the weather; it is almost always warm, tropical, and sunny. However, you know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate either. That is why you should check the weather one or two days before departing for your all-inclusive Jamaica vacation. Doing so enables you to pack accordingly. Speaking of which, it is always important to keep extra airline baggage fees in mind. You want to leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs. In that case, opt for those space saving travel bags or limit the clothes you bring and make use of your all-inclusive Jamaica resort’s onsite laundry room.

So there you have it: five things you should do before departing for your all-inclusive Jamaica vacation. If you have yet to make your travel plans, get started now because there are a number of benefits to booking your trip in advance. Most importantly, you have time to compare all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica to find the best fit for your wants, needs, and budget.

Source by Richard Teesdale

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