Beach Vacations – The Perfect Way To Spend Your Summer Holidays


“We’re going to the beach!” The phrase brings back memories of being children and building sandcastles out of wet sand and letting the waves chase us up and down the coast.

As we grow, the beach never quite looses it’s magic. In fact, it gains more magic as we discover beach vacations have more to offer than just sandcastles and waves. Nothing soothes us after a long work year like the sun tanning us, the water lapping at the shore and knowing there will be a clam bake later on tonight and a bonfire past that. With little doubt, beach vacations are among the most relaxing vacations you can take.

The Caribbean Island of Delos Santorini seems to be almost custom made for the explorer in all of us. They are full of history and they have even preserved a town ravaged by a volcano. You can go through and almost touch history as you explore how ancient people lived.

If you are a frequent surfer and are looking for the best surf spot in the world, you will want to check out the Canary Islands, they have recently been given this honor. Whether you are looking to check out ancient ruins or surf the curl, beach vacations are for you.

You will find there is far more to do than in days gone by. While the image of the beach back when you were a child may have involved sandcastles and people in the shade under big umbrellas sitting on towels or lawn chairs, today, they have become full-blown resorts. You can get a message, have room service send up a tropical drink and then walk on the beach at sunset. You can relax your day away or fill up every moment of it.

The typical tropical beach vacation is about two weeks.

Accommodations on the beach have also undergone a big change over the years. No more with the motel that is 3 hours away. Now there are hotels right on the beach that offer more than just a place to sleep. With room service, beautiful views and other amenities, you may be too relaxed in the room to make it to the beach some days.

Another option on some beaches is to get a bungalow right on the beach so you get the feeling of never having to ‘go home’ while on vacation.

The great thing about beach vacations is they can truly be anything you want them to be. Deep sea fishing, shopping at the local shops, surfing, laying on the beach, rock climbing, cabana boys serving drinks as you work on your tan, swimming, clam digging, bonfires, etc. Very truly anything you want.

Lately, Greece has become a very popular destination for a lot of celebrities looking for a beach vacation. Thanks to the incredible, full flavored foods and ancient ruins like the Parthenon, this area seems to draw a variety of people.

Your local travel agent can help you plan the perfect beach vacation, if you are unsure or overwhelmed with the choices. Simply tell the agent what you want and they will put together a beach vacation package for you. You will not have to worry about getting your hotel room or flight arrangements – they will do it for you. They will provide you with information of the area such as restaurants and attractions. Basically, they will take care of the stressful part so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it!


No matter you age, activity level or interests, beach vacations are going to hold whatever you want to do. Activities range from staying on the beach and working on your tan to deep-sea fishing and rock climbing. No longer is it just some place to go when you have a weekend you don’t know what to do with, but more of a designation when you want to spend some time in a special place.

Source by Brooke Hayles

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