Crystal Cruises Hawaiian Serenade


Hawaii is well known for its beautiful landscapes, ocean views and greenery. This thing attracted me but I already visited this place hence I was searching for something very different and creative this time. While roaming on different websites and travelling consultants I hit upon the charges for the cruise trips. I started reading about the Hawaiian cruise trips which were indulging me in their charms. I booked the tickets from the “world’s best large ship cruise line” crystal’s Hawaiian Serenade. I was very excited at the time of departure. They have different packages and deals which vary according to the customer.

I booked from San Francisco because I was already going there. It added a charm in my trip. There are different packages which can be availed from San Francisco but the biggest benefit of travelling from here is having a lot of more options can be availed. A very big part of San Francisco can be seen by boarding on the cruise form here. The water fares are also low as compared to the other places. I booked the complete trip from departure to return at San Francisco.

The Crystals Hawaiian Serenade is an amazing example of the ocean serenity and tranquility. I felt very different because it was all new for me. The cruise was like another world on it because it there was every kind of facility on it. I felt I am standing on another city that I never visited before. I got the balcony room where as there was ocean view and luxury also available. The beautiful seahorse pool was inviting me to get some relaxation after boarding on the cruise. At that time I was keenly planning and wanted to enjoy every single moment on the ship.

The seahorse pool is a huge pool which also offers sea sports like water volley ball. I joined a group who were playing it. Some of them were travelling again where as some of them were the first time travelers like me. Due to the seasonal changes, it is certain that the pool can’t be taken inside so there is a retractable roof on the pool to cover it when required. There is a huge sitting area beside the pool where the real pampering of the water can be experienced. The cruise is designed in a very luxurious manner and is a prominent sign of the glamorous travel. The classic modern look of the pool is very attractive and it makes you feel like standing on a movie set. My room had every kind of luxury; I took shower and changed to try the restaurant. While walking out, I suddenly stopped at the Christian Dior skin area. It was actually the apropos boutique that had everything a fashion store requires.

After having the lunch, I stood at the balcony to enjoy the ocean view. It is not only the biggest but the best ship travel and at that time I realized why it is awarded as the most wonderful. There were many things which I never red on the internet but they were available there. One of them was a wow “walk on water” fitness that never intends the visitor to leave his gym habit. It can be considered as an activity to avail the relaxation of the water. While I was standing on the balcony it started drizzling and I saw the closing of the retractable roof. It was very beautiful experience.

There was a European styled coffee bar that also offers wine. It serves the complimentary item whole day including coffee, tea and various snacks. I ordered the special coffee that had some complimentary rolls. The ship has a lot of restaurants and hotels which allows sitting there late at night. I had a friend with me who is a fond of wine so we decided to go to the restaurant in the night t sit there for longer. We selected an open air restaurant because the drizzling was stopped and the roof was uncovered again. It was a specialty restaurant with a big menu having a lot of options to try. Specialty cuisines had Nobu Matsuhisa and Piero Selvaggio among them.

The evening view of ocean was just mesmerizing and it was leaving a magical charm on our minds. We were so indulged in talking and enjoying everything. The staff is well trained and they have knowledge about everything on the ship including the flavors of wine and food. They guided us about ordering food. After having dinner we ordered wine. It had more than 200 wines including the vintage ones. Among the cellars there was an exclusive label of crystal’s wine.

Next day we again started from the refreshing jump in the swimming pool but this day we enjoyed roaming around the ship. It was really very huge and every single corner worth visiting. The interior was very outstanding and had a classical modern appearance. There is a casino in the ship as well that provides almost all famous exciting games including the black jack, craps, hold’em etc. They give a winning chance to the customer.

The beautiful interior facilitates all the way even our room was very comfortable. According to the rule maximum three passengers can stay in one room. The room service people ask time to time if we need anything. They served us frette bathrobe and luxury Aveda bath products. I kept the bathrobe and used it at the time of swimming pool. The beds were also very comfortable with Egyptian bed linens were placed with options of pillows that anyone can choose according to the choice. We were discussing this all and felt like the guests of the sea.

It was luxurious in the real means. Rooms have a separate dining and chairs placed in the private verandah to have food in the room if passenger wants to relax. Room service can also serve the food in the crystal dining hall. The food is served in elegant crockery and the wine is in the Riedel crystal glasses. Complete internet access is provided all the way. I updated my personal diary and stayed in touch with my family to show them the trip. The fresh water bottles, soft drinks, specialty coffee and tea were complimentary. The quality and abundant space of every service and place in the ship makes the visitor relax and enjoy every single moment of the trip. I wanted to stay there forever but there was no option to rent an apartment permanently.

The Hawaiian archipelago looks very eye catching when visited by the sea route. All the islands are fantastical and have different islets as well. They are known by their quality like

  • Hawaii is known as the big island because it is the biggest among all
  • Maui is known as the Valley isle
  • O’ahu is called as the gathering place
  • Kaua’i is the garden isle because of the landscape
  • Moloka’I is the friendly isle
  • Lana’I is known as the pineapple isle
  • Ni’ ihau is the forbidden isle
  • Kaho’olawe is known as the target isle

Their names are due to their specific qualities. They all have the tourism significance because of the beauty and their landscapes. The historical and modern significance of these islands is not less than any other place. There is a hug crowd of tourists that remains visiting the places. However, I visited all those places by air travel but the cruise made me feel like there is no other way to travel to them. The fifteen day travel made me addicted to that life. The cruise had every option for relaxation. I also enjoyed the Spa there which had extensive variety of massages, facials, therapies and treatments to boost energy. All the services at the spa were done with very high quality products. After taking the energy boosting treatment I felt very light and amazing.

During the fifteen days trip ship management planned many activities that keep ongoing for the returning customers and they stay indulged in the life of the cruise. Crystal society organizes them where the guests can participate and get self recognition. The cruise trip gives a better chance to interact with people because the parties are arranged. Many people dine together, enjoy the pool together and stay along in many activities hence they get attached to each other. We also made some Hawaiian friends who invited us to come to their island next time. There was the piano learning complimentary class where we stayed together and became friends. That class was also arranged by the crystal society. The complete trip was outstanding and made everything amazing. From the other islands the cruise trip can also be taken but from San Francisco it gave me a big chance to explore the sea.

If the people travel for fifteen days with return booking then two islands are visited complimentary. I visited the Maui and O’ahu in that option. The rain showers in both islands are very common where as sometimes they turn into heavy rain fall. Maui Island is behind O’ahu due to that they have many things in common. While travelling, I could clearly see the whales and dolphins in the sea. They become more frequent and larger in number near the Maui island.

Whales appear in the form of a group that can be better said as family because there was a small calf and adult whales as well. I enjoyed surfing and visit to the Sugar cane cultivations. Maui is known as the best island in the world because it has every facility in it. Apart from being suffering from various natural disasters, it is very well kept and technologically developed. The O’ahu is not less than it because it has its own qualities. It is basically a volcanic island and has many small islets close to its shores. It has two volcanoes named Wai’anae and Ko’olau. The valley between them is broad where the people also live. There are a number of historical places and beach points on this island due to that the island is also featured in many Hollywood movies.

I had a very short time to visit the two islands but I really enjoyed there because I selected only the places near to the sea and decided to explore them instead of running from place to place. O’ahu can be said as more modern because there are many modern architectural buildings as well. The main places of this island are Laie Hawaii Temple, pearl Harbor, Polynesian cultural center, Waimea Valley and Triple crown of surfing. There are many other places but I visited these.

This trip converted my fear of travelling through ship into the love of travelling through ship because it was completely amazing and there is not a single point due to that I felt bad for a moment during the whole trip. I had the return trip to San Francisco; hence the ship reached the shore on the fifteenth day by giving me some unforgettable memories.


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