Disney Paris


Disney Paris is an amusement park, very interesting for both children and adults, being a replica of its older brother – the USA Disneyland. In Paris you’ll  actually visit two parks: the Disneyland Park, consists of 4 large lands: Adventure, Fantasy, Discovery and Frontier, and the second one, Disney Studios Park.

The trip to Disneyland was scheduled for the joy of our child, but for us too. When you schedule the trip just for kids, stay at a hotel in or near Disneyland. If you want to do something else, maybe accommodation in Paris worth considering because you can easily get into the parks.

Disneyland Paris is located 32 km from Paris, in Marne la Valle. From Paris with RER, choose the line A – Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy station. Be careful with the line A, which splits at the exit of Paris, so it is necessary to choose the train that has signaled the A4 direction = Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy. From Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais, there is VEA- shuttle service, providing a bus shuttle to Disneyland Paris. From Charles de Gaulle airport, you may use TGV (fast train).

At the entrance you will find brochures with maps and other useful information in all major languages, and near is an Info panel, where appears the complete information about the program, waiting times, fast pass, etc. The most important trick is not to move with the masses and not wait where is very crowded because later it will definitely more freely. The rules are rules, and Disney employees care to be respected by all, primarily the access, then the safety and so on.

After entering in the park, you reach the Main Street USA, which is a reconstruction of an American Street. Here, there are no main attractions. You will find shops, restaurants, ice-cream and pastry. There is also a corner where appears a Disney character (we caught Mickey’s teddy bear and Duffy – I had not heard of it until then). You can also ride a vintage car (we have not walked with them; I preferred to go to the main attractions). Another attraction on the Main Street USA is right at the entrance, a train circling the park. I thought it would be superb, but I was kind of disappointed. Just when we were passing the Frontierland, we had something nice to see, otherwise very weak. My advice is to go with this train unless you catch the queue very small, otherwise not worth the wait.

Personally, I’m the adept of free style, especially on vacation, so I recommend reading the information about targets visited and then proceeding as suits better to you and how you feel more relaxed and comfortable. You will find fast-food restaurants with a full range of products. I recommend the restaurant in Frontierland, where we served ribs and chicken. There are many stores with princesses, warriors for boys, accessories and office supplies, souvenirs you’ll found everywhere, especially on the driveway entrance, but prices are not encouraging at all. The food is quite expensive, depending on the restaurant. If you search you can find more ‘human’ prices. Overall, a pizza starts at 15 Euros, a menu with cheeseburger, fries and a drink costs 15 Euros, a beef steak with fries is 25 Euros. Soft drinks (sodas and water) have prices starting at 2.5 Euros and more.

For lovers of stories and cartoons, I recommend the following: Autopia – race cars that go with gasoline on rails and you must respect the minimum distance of 1m; Orbitron – are spaceships, in fact an evolved carousel. If you’re adventurous sure you will enjoy the following: Big Thunder Mountain – a friendly roller coaster; Space Mountain Mission2 – a difficult route, only with one elegant looping; Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups – horizontally rides with coffee cups, a soothing experience. Star Tours is a difficult trail in the dark with bright zones and looping.  At the roller coaster part, is better to accompanied your children because not all react positively or identical. The adults are welcomed and “treated” like children in absolutely all the attractions, starting with the cinema an ending with the pony rides!

If you want to go and visit Disneyland park attractions I would advise some “top” ranks: No. 1 “Space Mountain”, the 2nd “laser room” where lasers shoot for points, 3rd place “House of Horrors “where there was a lift of approx. 30 people who go (down) in the true house of horror, where you are getting into a carriage and you enjoy a tour of the horror of many landscapes, Ghosts, Illusions etc. For those who want to relax the boat ride from Adventureland, is the best!

Do not miss:

  • The Disney characters’ parade at 17.30, in the center of Disneyland
  • Disney Dreams
  • The laser projections, the story well-voiced and fireworks are the strong point of the visit, but starts at the closing time – at 21.00 so the weather conditions must be favorable.
  • In Disney Studio not miss: Ratatouille – recently opened this year, on July 21st and the Disney Parade of Stars ‘n’ Cars.
  • I would recommend the show – Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Disney Village – the show and meal, both with Wild West flavor. Worth seeing, but be careful that is only 2 times a week, so you should buy a ticket in advance. I recommend Category 2, no big difference from category 1 (the child sees what is happening in the arena anyway) and the price difference is about 60 E for 3 people.
  • I also recommend the stunt show in Disney Studios Moteurs. Be careful as there is a big queue, so try to be among the first to catch a better place in front. The show takes about an hour.
  • Adventureland is a place full of adventure: La Cabane des Robinson is a huge tree where you climb and up are interesting exhibitions of Robinson’s adventure. La Plage des Pirates – the Beach of Pirates, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril were very interesting!
  • Fantasyland it’s a wonderful world for children, but also for adults. The most interesting are: Blanche-Neige is a carousel – like Snow White for children; Les voyages of Pinocchio, like the previous one, but this time with Pinocchio, Peter Pan’s Flight is so beautiful, Dumbo the Flying Elephant; it’s a Small World – worth seeing, is something extraordinary … and many others…
  • Discoveryland is very nice and interesting. Main attractions: Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Orbitron; Star Tours – is a simulator, but it is very interesting, Captain EO is a 3D movie with great effects, Space Mountain ; Autopia.
  • Frontierland – where there are plenty of attractions in western style. The finest here are: 1. Big Thunder Mountain which was a favorite of our daughter, 2. Phanor Manor or the horror house on the outside seems like a piece of cake, but inside believe me something amazing will capture you! 3. Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing – an interesting boat ride.
  • Photo – In all the attractions you can be photographed, but prices start at 10 Euros.
  • From what I observed, the busiest attraction is Crush’s Coaster! You have never seen the waiting time to be under 60 minutes, normally being 75 minutes! My advice is that at 10 am, to go directly there, so to have a chance of a reasonable waiting time. The problem is that for it, they don t give the FastPass, so the only chance is standing in line.
  • The closing show worth seeing even if it starts at 11 pm and it’s too late for young children, takes approx 40 minutes. The benches in front of the castle are occupied by at least two hours before, but there’s room for everyone.
  • The carousels and trains in Fantasyland (Pinocchio, Snow White, Dumbo …) are much freer in the evening, which is normal considering that are preferred by the younger children.
  • Those who stay outside the park should be aware that the last train leaves to Paris at 0:20, with more than enough time to reach the station after the show.
  • Use the Fastpass for the roller coaster with music of Aerosmith’s, which is really fantastic!). Will save you a lot of time! Not to mention the Tower of Terror or crush coaster Nemo, where it’s always full. Attention, these attractions are for adults without heart problems.
  • Do not miss the Disney Parade; the favorite characters will scroll into the vintage cars on some predetermined routes! Necessarily take the park map, will help a lot in establishing the program.
  • Avoid the queue at ‘Meet Mickey Mouse’ (if you do not necessarily want photographs taken by a professional because you are allowed to take pictures). Look for the proper place in the Walt Disney Studios (near Crush’s Coaster).

After two days in the park, the last day we went to Paris where we climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower, we walked then by boat on the Seine, we saw almost everything without getting into museums, then we were on the Champs Elysees where we visited a few shops and the Arc de Triomphe. We will return with much joy, worth all the money!




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