DISNEY WORLD, ORLANDO (Embassy Suites, with family)


Located in Bay Lake, Florida, Walt Disney World is one of the most photographed and best vacation destination in the world. On this trip we decided to stay at the very desirable Embassy Suites Orlando-International Drive South/Convention, centrally located to not only Disney World, but Universal Studios and Sea World.  Good pricing, and very good for multiple children, plus cook to order breakfast is complimentary, a  fridge and microwave  in the room also helps if the kids want to bring their food upstairs. The 3 sinks kept helped things too. The room was guaranteed top be “as promised”, and it was.

A trip to Disney is the best part of every child’s life. Covering about 40 square miles equaling the size of San Francisco, Disney World is the largest recreational resort in the world featuring outstanding recreation and entertainment facilities which include four theme parks, 34 themed resorts and hotels, Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex, two water adventure parks, five golf courses and several recreational activities. The friendly and warm climate has turned the Orlando area and the Walt Disney World into one of the world’s most visited tourist destination.

The opening of Disney in 1971 has improved the Orlando economy by providing employment opportunities for over 60,000 people just within the Disney World Resort, making it the largest single-site employer in the United States. This led to the creation of other tourist related venues such as hotels, restaurant and several lovely attractions. Currently, there are over twenty Disney parks in the world, but Walt Disney World is renowned to stand out for its magnificence and splendor. The Disney World attract thousands of locals and international travelers daily.


Some periods of the year are much desirable than others to visit the Walt Disney World. There are many different factors to help you pick the perfect time to visit. These include weather and crowd

Climatic conditions

During summer, the weather is usually hot and rainy. Moving towards the winter months, the weather seems cooler and drier during these periods. The highest temperatures during summer are around 90 degrees, while during winter, the highs are around 70 degrees.


The peaks and valleys of the crowd in Disney World are fairly predictable. It is usually overcrowded especially during the Holiday season which is the week from Christmas to the New Year. Disney World also receives lot of visitors during the Easter break, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day and July 4th. As you can see, the Disney World is mostly visited during public holidays and traditional summer vacation months by locals in the United States. You’ll find less crowds between mid- January and early February. The best time to visit for international vacationers is between the months of February and April.

There is so much to see and do in Walt Disney World, Orlando. The 4 magnificent theme parks, 2 amazing water parks and other fascinating attractions including Disney Quest, Universal Studio, Sea World etc. will keep you entertained all through your time spent here. The major attractions of Walt Disney World are

4 theme parks which are:

Magic Kingdom Park

Built in 1971, Magic Kingdom Park is the first park to open in Disney World. Covering over 107 acres, the Magic Kingdom Park is the world’s most visited theme park that attract millions of tourist annually. The park offer visitors the chance to explore 6 amazing themed areas including Liberty Square, Adbentureland, Frontierland, Tomorrow land and Fantasyland. The Magic Kingdom Park offer guests the classic Disney experience. This is the park most people would love to visit when planning their vacation to Walt Disney World. The park has some of the most popular attractions in the complex, designed specifically for kids. Some of the attractions include It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and lots more. Here, you’ll find a vast network of underground tunnels called the Utilidors. These underground tunnels are designed with the aim to keep visitors from ever getting to know how the park operates. The Magic Kingdom Park has a lot of fun things to do and contain many different secrets worth exploring. This park is considered the most enchanted place on earth.


Epcot is the second park to be opened in 1982 after Magic Kingdom Park. There are two different sections, namely World Showcase and Future World, at the Epcot theme park.  World Showcase is filled with the architecture, famous people, and products of eleven countries which are Canada, China, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, England and the United Stated. Future World is home to lovely attractions that showcases several human achievements. Each of these sections have a collection of gift shops and restaurants where you can sometimes enjoy a ride or movie experiences.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Opened in 1989, this park is designed specifically to showcase the magic of Hollywood. It offers guest the chance to see the good old days of Hollywood dating far back as 1930. There are several lovely attractions in the park including   the Toy Story Maniaride, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Animation Courtyard, Great Movie Ride, and the American Idol Experience. You’ll also find a wide variety of live shows such as the “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” and the “Lights, Motor, Action!”. Another amazing attraction close to this park is the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Home to over 250 species of animals, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park started operation in 1998 with 7 beautiful separate park sections. The several sections in this park worth exploring include Dinoland, Asia, Africa, the Oasis, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Camp Minnie Mickey. You can explore the various live animal exhibits via the Kilimanjaro Safari ride or the walking trails scattered all over the place. If you’ll like to go on a fun filled adventure, take the Kali River Rapids ride. For a more relaxed experience, visit the Affection Section petting zoo in the park.

Other attractions include

Water Parks

There are two magnificent water parks in Walt Disney World, which are the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The Blizzard Beach is the second most-visited water park in the world with a ski resort inspired theme. On the other hand, the Typhoon Lagoon is considered the water park with the highest number of visitors annually, and it is also where you’ll see the biggest outdoor wave pool worldwide.  Come and experience fun at its best when you visit these spectacular water parks in Walt Disney World.

Downtown Disney

This is one of the best places in Walt Disney World for an enjoyable adult experience. Downtown Disney is filled with several exquisite restaurants that offers delectable dishes, shopping centers where you can find lots of magnificent items to buy, nightclubs where you can party all night long and unique entertainment. Downtown Disney has 3 sections, namely Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney Marketplace and Downtown Disney West Side. A visit to Downtown Disney will definitely be memorable.


You’ll find a large selection of on-site accommodations when you visit Disney World. Accommodations are available for all type of budgets ranging from cabins to moderate resorts and deluxe resorts. These resorts are gorgeously built, and consist of play grounds and themed pools.

Other Attractions

Asides the theme parks and water parks, there are other entertainment facilities within the complex that draws visitors in their numbers. Some of these recreational facilities include beautiful lakes ideal for a fishing expedition, fascinating golf courses, a wide variety of amazing dining options and much more. Other interesting places include Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, Disney’s BoardWalk, Walt Disney World Speedway and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.


There is a provision for internal transportation system to convey guests between its several attractions which include restaurants, theme park, water parks, shopping area and hotels. Disney World in Florida has 3 modes of transportation namely buses, boats and monorails. Disney World is known to have the third largest bus fleet you can find in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville. You may also decide to walk around


Walt Disney World has several classic characters. One of the most popular character that are a big draw for millions of tourists is the Mickey Mouse. Mickey is much loved by kids and has signed thousands of autographs with about 300 outfits including tuxedo and scuba suit.

To really enjoy your trip to Walt Disney World, you’ll need to spend a couple of days or weeks to fully explore this magnificent site. There is so much to do and see within the resort that will make you want to return for more lovely experiences. Disney World is the perfect place to take beautiful pictures. Guests takes millions of beautiful photographs themselves. Some people simply describe this incredible resort as a place of fantasy, fun, excitement and magic; while others complain of artifice and crowd. Plan your trip to Walt Disney World and make that vacation an adventure of a lifetime. This spectacular site is designed to be fun for all ages. There are several adult entertainment activities you can find all over the resort. Walt Disney World Resort is an ideal vacation spot not only for kids, but for adults as well. Everything at Disney World is carefully designed to bring your fantasies to reality. Regardless of the long lines, expensive merchandise and sometimes rude guest, Walt Disney World resort is a perfect place of fun and excitement. Visit Disney World today and discover a place where young and old can have fun together.

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