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Premiere Screening of SundanceTV’s “The Red Road”

Hollywood is another name of the glamorous and sparkling venue of the film industry and television, but the people finding their place in the field usually go to the ‘Los Angeles’ neighbor of Hollywood. This time I planned to experience the world’s most swanky hotels, luxurious living styles and the most amazing night clubs and parties. Various events keep on going in the fantastical place where many famous stars can be encountered. The first time visitors can take a tour of the Warner bros. or universal studios where the waxed portraits and scenes of different movies and stars can be seen. The historical and ancient buildings are modified so beautifully that they provide the biggest examples of elegance and facility.

The lustrous place contains every modern facility in it along with hotels, resorts, amusement parks, night clubs, spa, movie star homes, shopping centers, beaches, wonderful weather and many more. There are a lot of things to do in Hollywood CA.  There are a lot of ways to reach the place because it stays crowded with tourists or film industry endorsers. There are two airports near to the Hollywood. Los Angeles airport and the Bob hope Airport in Burbank. Different public transports or shuttle service is provided to reach the wonderful destination of Hollywood. Our flight landed at the Bob hope airport from where we got the pre hired van to reach the hotel. There are many other ways like rail, subway, Bus and car. Hollywood is very close to many other famous attractions so it is totally reachable from anywhere. The best option is the metro red line that remains available at the subway stations. Bus is available at the north Hollywood but the private cars can be hired from anywhere and they can pick or drop in any part of Hollywood where as are also available for the car trips to the entire areas.

There are many streets where the car parking is not available or restricted due to permission where as there are many alternative places for the car parking. The car trips are also available to the Hollywood from Santa Monica and Beverly hills’. Often it happens that the recordings of many famous television shows are seen there. We saw the talent hunt of American Idol while planning for more attractions. We got the Hollywood city pass that offers the 9days tour including the public transportation experience; tour of behind the scenes, nine attractions and the holly wood museum or Kodak theatre.  After having the amazing and tiring day we were looking for the relaxation so headed back to the hotel.

We were staying in the JW Marriott that is a famous hotels and resorts chain. It really worth a visit because it is very elegantly designed place and have every kind of facility. It is better if I call it a small town that has significant qualities. Both indoor and outdoor areas are fully equipped with attractive and beautiful adornments. The rooms are very comfortable and some of the premium rooms are kept in totally new condition for the people who seek perfection. The guests can access many areas including the top brands stores in the hotel, restaurants, bar and café. Paying $219 per night is not an expensive demand for such a luxury. It has a spa and wellness centre as well where we had the relaxation of the entire day.

The beach resort of Marriott is constructed on the Atlantic Ocean that resembles to a completely facilitated island. The Fort Lauderdale airport is very near to it where as it is easily reachable from Los Angeles and California. The High speed internet is available in every room. Every room has a dining in it where the guests can sit to have the meal however the meal can also be served in any of the outdoor restaurant or lobby. Due to being a part of Hollywood it provides extensive entertainment in it. Many times special events and exhibitions are also organized in the hotel where the stars of the industry also join. The events like New Year and Christmas are celebrated on the corporate level and are attended by the sophisticated people from all around the world. It is near to the cinemas and many other entertainment sites. Due to the frequent arrangement of parties and amusing night life the hotel has a roof top pool and bar to provide the entire night sitting area. All the guests are equally facilitated here because the staff is very friendly and stays ready to serve the best.

There are conference room and business rooms available where the corporate meeting and seminars can also be arranged. It is constructed at a very prime position that is reachable from everywhere and the guests can go to many places by walk. Sun bath or late night drinking, both can be completely enjoyed at the amazing hotel. There are many other amusement places to be visited during the stay in Hollywood. Next day we first moved toward the Hollywood Museum in Lasky-De Mille Barn that is pictured in many films. It displays the way old Hollywood was used to create films. After that we went to see the sign of Hollywood. I used to think that it was of normal size but when I saw it I felt like a superstar and the hidden craze of movies suddenly appeared inside me. The park is also near to it that is a great amusement but there is a special path to move at the place and there are cameras everywhere to catch the people breeching the rules. It was an awesome experience to see the movie world by self. The park is Runyon Canyon Park that gives an amazing panoramic view of the city and the ocean water and mountains can be seen from there. Many times the celebrities are also spotted here having the routine morning walk.

There is an astonishing place that made me curious and it was the wax museum. It is stated that this wax museum is the longest living wax museum in the world. It contained the wax sculptures of many famous celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Johnny depp, Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey, Justin Bieber, Bollywood top actors  and many other stars in different avatars of their movies. Many celebrities are made according to their movie roles scenes and many fictional characters are also there. Angelina Jolie is made in different styles and actions. It was an amazing experience that made me feel like standing among the stars of the film industry. Another museum of fire department also offers a lot of informative things but my group member loved it more than me. I was still lost in the charm of the wax museum. This fire department museum contained their equipments and apparatus from ancient times till now.

A very popular tourist crowded place is the Griffith Park Observatory. It was almost evening and the place was wonderfully illuminated. It was very beautiful and somehow appearing in the purples color. It contains many displays of innovation and science where as provides the complete over view of the city. It becomes magically beautiful in the night. While being in Hollywood nobody can resist to the cinemas and theatres. The Grauman’s Chinese Theater is very famous in the entire world. Formerly the Oscars were held here. Movie shows keep on going and the visitors get the star prints for free in the tour. It has the largest seating capacity and the huge Imax Screen. Next to the Chinese theater there is Madame Tassauds Hollywood that is a place containing the wax sculptures of celebrities. It is very amusing and during the trip I found that the Hollywood is totally filled with celebrities and they can be seen anywhere physically or in the form of sculptures.

There are many theaters and cinemas which show variety of movies and stay crowded with people. They all are of premium quality and provides the best screen experience. The El Capitan Theater, Grauman’s Egyptian theatre, Cinerama Dome, Jim Henson Studios that were the great places I visited but did not get the chance to watch a movie everywhere because of the timing. However I managed to watch a movie at the Cinerama Dome because I heard that the celebrities usually come here to watch movies and I became successful because I spotted four personalities belonging from the industry. In the night the Jane’s house was the admirable place for me because I got a variety of things to eat and drink. This place was about to be demolished in the old times but it was recreated and converted into the group of many clubs, bars and restaurants. There is also a shopping centre from where I purchased some gifts for the family and friends.

I used to watch a show very regularly to know about the weird things in the world and I always thought that the things were not real wherever I used to watch the show Ripley’s believe it or not. When I saw all the things placed in the building of the museum I got amazed and shocked. It was very unique and out of the world. I was just convincing myself that I am still on earth. It is such a wonderful and astonishing place that contains the most different things in the world. The people showing various weird actions can be seen live and they also repeat their specialties for the visitors. It was an incredible experience to be there. I loved the interactive illusions in the museum of Ripley’s but the gallery contained the animals with two bodies, two heads and more abnormalities that make them very different from normal.

My craze for animals took me to the Los Angeles zoo and botanical gardens where the beautiful combination of organic life could be seen with wild life. Like the other unique specialties it is also an extraordinary place. Different species of animals and plants are gathered and their breeds are also gathered. The habitat animals are gathered from different countries like the elephants are from India, Africa, Thailand and East Asia. Similarly there are many other animals like lions, reptiles and invertebrates. Under water life is carried out in a way that the salt water animals can be seen from the glass. Lizards of many types are there where as they can also be seen in the garden’s rain forest. The amusements also contain the petting area, safari tour and the exhibition that contains the baby animals.

Among the amusements how Hollywood bowl could be forgotten. That is the outdoor theatre where parking is the biggest issue. We reached there through shuttle bus so we had no problem in finding the place for car. Concerts, events and orchestra are arranged here and it is famous all around the world. On New Year’s Eve and other annual occasions many events are organized here which are attended by people from all over the world. Another outdoor party area where we enjoyed a lot was the Cemetery movie screenings. Although the old movies go on here but the environment is very amazing and can be enjoyed a lot. We organized a picnic there and had dinner while watching the screening movie. The outdoor experience of the screening with dinner was outstanding and superb. The parking is free but we hired the car so it dropped us there.

The valley a little far from Los Angeles and San Fernando was very amazing and the long drive created too much fun. The entire landscapes of Hollywood are spectacular but this place was up to the mark. The entire drive and sightseeing was breath taking and it looks like the paintings of an expert landscaping artist. There are many shopping stores and eating areas on the road sides of the place. After having all the fun and amusements entertainment on the last day before leaving the place we planned a shopping at the valley of stars. The Beverly Center, The grove and Hollywood and highland center are the huge shopping malls which also have many entertainments. The grove drive has the guaranteed farm fresh products. They have a very different taste than the normal processed products.

The entire trip to Hollywood was fantastical. The JW resort was the highly entertaining and worth visiting place. It is the perfect fit for the people having the plan to arrange the dream trip. Anyone can trust this place because it has every type of entertainment and facility in it. The interior and exterior are maintained and the arrangements are renovated annually hence the perfection can be felt from the first visit. Hollywood CA has every entertainment from beaches to the parks and wild life, the buildings are old but are kept in a very beautiful way that they shows the appearance of an entire modern city. In the theatres and parks the encounter with the celebrities can be enjoyed and the petting of the animal babies in the Los Angeles.

The biggest benefit of the trip to Hollywood is that many places can be enjoyed in just one go. California, Los Angeles and through a little cruise trip fort Lauderdale can also be accessed. The fun never ends at the place. We took the flight from Los Angeles that provided us very convenient travel. It was a perfect plan but the thing I highly recommend is to take the public transport instead of the private one. There are many places which stay crowded and the parking becomes an issue so the public transportation can be a better selection and it is available at every place of the city.


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