Hong Kong Disneyland


Disney land has enchanted every heart all around the world. Endorsers belong to every age group including kids, teenagers and adults. The thematic parks of Disneyland are designed in a way that they become the most over whelming fun place. I heard a lot about the Disney land Hong Kong resort and its specialties. The park is divided into different areas by following various themes. The entrance of the park is made exactly according to the Main Street USA where as different Disney characters are there to welcome the guests. The theme of this area resembles to the early 20’s Midwest town. The railroad station that is basically the restaurant increases the dramatic looks of the entrance. There are also bakery goods and other Chinese cuisines available and the total style of this place is inspired by the old European style. However the mostly area is built with wood instead of the stone and the roads have the traces of the street carts just as the part of the theme.

After getting inside the other part is Adventure land of the Hong Kong Disney resort. It is more like a jungle and gives the complete appearance of an abandoned island and wild safari. There are many adventures designed on the theme of jungle and boat is available to travel in the jungle through the lake. There are a lot of things to do at this place because many games are also designed to make the adventures more interesting for every age group. The adventure land features mostly areas resembling to the lion king movie. The jungle cruise in the lake takes to the Tarzan’s tree house. It was an amazing experience and I felt like I am really visiting the Tarzan and Lion King world where they are present together. The huge stone skull and the King cobra stair case were very beautiful and portrayed the wonderful planning and creativity.

As we moved on we felt ourselves really in the Disney because it was the fantasy land where the real life characters of Disney movies were present. The Fantasy land gardens are equipped entirely with the traces of Disney kings and queens. They successfully convince a person that the Disney movies are not fiction but all the things are real and everything happening in the Disney is true. It was hilarious being encircled by the Donald ducks and Mickey Mouse when they try to entertain on every step. Sleeping beauty castle dropped me into amazement because the princess was also there and the dwarves were also there. Other Disney girls are also created with very attention and creativity that they have the same appearance like the real Disney princesses because the real resembling faces are selected to make them.

I think I experienced the future from the eyes of Walt Disney because the tomorrow land is really something amazing. The blue and purple lights, metallic bodies, huge globes, wonderful rides, space and galaxies made me feel standing in the future. The illumination of this area in the night time makes it more beautiful and attractive. The creativity and designing is according to the ideology of the expected generation appears in the cartoon movies. However, the children highly admire it because they recognize the true idea of this part. Tomorrow land is the entire blue print of the coming time and is highly inspired from space, technology and science. Another amazing part is the toy story theme of the Disney land. It comes after passing from the fantasy land. In the fantasy land while meeting up Mickey and goofy there is also an opportunity of watching huge toy story characters. The woody, Rex and many other characters welcome the visitors. I found the huge paper plane very attractive. When I got into this area I felt like someone has thrown me into the Andy’s toy box. The huge rex was breaking the toys. Almost every toy story character was there but woody was mainly emphasized. The rides were also exactly like the toys. The things were amazing and exactly according to the movie. The most interesting thing I found here was the different oversized toys from the movie. It is very beautiful and exclusive area.

In many movies we usually see the huge abandon caves, acidic water and the carts being used to fight in the caves with the villain or simple people get stuck into and crave to escape. Grizzly Gulch is exactly the same thing. It is entirely designed as an abandoned mountain and caves where the steam is raising from the acidic water of the volcano, Geyser Gulch and mine carts. In this area there are runways, cartoon bears and many other things which fit into the theme. There are many adventures and games also designed in it which makes the visit more happening. The visitor heads up to become treasure seekers and miners to enjoy while discovering gold. The biggest attraction of this area is the roller coaster that makes it outstandingly interesting.

The area named mystic point takes to the supernatural happening in the Disney pictures. It contains a haunted mansion of Mystic manor and the things belonging to it. This area is totally inspired by his adventures and lifestyles. There is magic everywhere in this area. This place wins more attraction when the complete adventures are done along with the rides. This place more resembles to the rain forest where the mysteries, supernatural things and magic is everywhere and the travelers need to tackle with it in case of moving further. The site is mainly the picture of a mysterious jungle in the Disney pictures. The construction and activities are significant featured for the day time where as in the night it becomes very attractive when the place entirely gets illuminated with lights. In fact the entirely Disney land totally changes its appearance in the night due to the colorful lights and reflects the true purpose of every area. Mystic land becomes more magical when the lights are on and in the day time it becomes a huge jungle to fight with magic.

There are many events also organized in the Disney and while being there it makes the visitors feel that they are on a carnival or event celebration. From the fantasy land a parade begins in the Disney resort that goes toward the main entrance of the park and makes the people enjoy the characters of Disney family. The parade occurs daily where as it was started form the day of opening of the park. It contains almost 100 characters performing their acts. The huge moving body resembles to the sleeping beauty castle. Characters include the Alice in the wonderland rabbit, Mad hatter and many other ones, Disney princesses like Cinderella, snow white, Repunzal, chip and dale, mickey mouse and its friends, the little mermaid and toys story characters. In the fantasy land the fireworks are also organized exactly like they appear behind the castle in the Disney logo. Same pattern is followed to make it convincing. During the parade classical Disney music is played that contains tracks from all the movies. There is also an orchestra on the float that continuously plays the classical Disney tunes. That was a fantastical experience I got and I felt like the Disney characters are celebrating something very special.

Disney land resort is located with the ocean park of Hong Kong at the Lantau Island. To reach the area Hong Kong international airport is used whereas after reaching the airport buses and cars can take easily to the destination. Cars and taxis are also available to travel to it. The Mass transit railway is also available that takes the visitors to the Disney land. We pre-booked the car to reach the place. Initially, the mass transit railway was a fast track train later on it is made automatic. Now the system of the train is entirely automatic and the driver is not required to run the rail. A ferry was also arranged to reach the resort by water but the system was not settled and when I was there it was not in the working order. I am a fond of water travel so I would have preferred the ferry than the public transport. Shuttle service from Hong Kong and bus from other parts of the Hong Kong is also available to the Disney land. Different routes of the bus reach the place from different cities where as the routes of every bus are different. Long Win offers 3 routes to Disneyland. The fireworks display of Disney land can be seen from many other public buses because they pass from the routes that show the wonderful fireworks.

The entire Disney land is designed with the inspiration of the Disney world but the Chinese customs and traditions are kept under consideration. Typical Chinese foods are also available everywhere and almost four languages are spoken in the resort. There is an extensive accommodation also available where the living among the Disney characters can be enjoyed. There are different packages and the services are distributed accordingly. We had the Kingdom club package of the resort. It requires some additional fees than the normal rooms but the services make the visitor feel like a king. The membership is given for the kingdom club that includes lots of facilities and fun. I look for a comfortable accommodation so I highly preferred this service. From the day one they started us treating like kings and the staff was always there for comfort and services. In the lobby and dining of this club the Disney characters were inside the lounge and entertained while having the meals. The kingdom club membership includes the accommodation in the most comfortable and high quality rooms. It offers two queen beds and a very large and luxury bathroom. The rooms are furnished in a modern and elegant way. I loved the interior of the room that contained beautiful furniture and latest designed interior. The wooden panels were polished and the details were given with the glossy surfaces. All the rooms of the kingdom club are near to the luxury areas of the hotel and they open in the drawing room.

The guests staying in the kingdom club are treated in an entire different way and have no parallel to the other services. Disney princesses keep on roaming in the area of the kingdom club and stops to greet the guests. Kingdom club starts from the hot breakfast having fresh pastries, fruits, beverages and other selected items. After that complimentary homemade cookies are served with fruits and beverages. During the stay in kingdom club we got over whelmed by the complimentary snacks. They are served after every actual meal. The appetizers are served in the evening with complimentary beer and vine and in the night again cookies, fruits and beverages are served. I enjoyed the delicacies of the kingdom club and the mouth watering foods.

The advantages offered to the kingdom club members are very different from the other guests but that does not means they are treated bad. However, the members of kingdom club are treated more like the kings. Exclusive advantages given to the guests are the area information and guidelines, very humble behavior of staff and the presence of the Disney characters. Club lounge has the wide view of the Disney land and the fireworks can be seen from the suites of the kingdom club as well. Kingdom club area contains florist, many shopping stores, dining and child care services, laundry and package shipping. There are many other wellness facilities like spa and community centre where the guests can meet the other people. Health care centre also provides the services of massage and therapies for the comfort of the guests. The tickets of different sides of park are also given. There are many facilities given to the guests in the name of complimentary hence, paying the amount never goes useless.

In the kingdom club along with the company of Disney characters there are a lot of things offered to the kids as well that includes a variety of activities and fun. The club crafts service provides a host or hostess to the kids of the kingdom club which gives them a chance to enhance their creativity by assigning them different interesting tasks and helping them in the activities. There are different sessions in which various types of crafts are available. The Disney characters come to say good night to the kids in the night after an interesting bed time story arranged from the resort. The complimentary cookies and milk are given to the kids in the night with a pajama clad Disney character good night appearance. This is the place where the entire family enjoys because of the activities and leisure offered by the park. Disney land Hong Kong was although smaller than the Disney land Paris, but it created a lot of memories in my mind and I enjoyed the trip at every step. Our childhood revived and the fun of that time appeared again in a new luxurious and modern way.


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