Is Jamaica Safe For Tourists?


Are you interested in planning a trip to Jamaica? If so, safety may be a concern of yours and it should be. Whenever you travel, whether it be down the street or out of the United States, safety should always be on your mind. What that said, is Jamaica safe for tourists?

When it comes to trips to Jamaica and safety, you will find varying information. Some tourists claim they wouldn’t set foot in Jamaica, while others visit annually. So, is Jamaica really a safe place for tourists? Yes. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and concerned with safety, there is not a reason why you can’t take a trip to Jamaica. In fact, it may be the greatest trip of your life.

As previously stated, it is important to be aware of safety and your surroundings wherever you travel, especially to Jamaica. But, how do you do so?

Research. Before making your Jamaica travel plans, it is important to familiarize yourself with the island. Remember, different people have different views on Jamaica and its safety. Look for unbiased information. For example, on Travel.State.Gov, you will see that Kingston is the most dangerous area for violence. So, reduce your chances of becoming a victim by opting for another destination in Jamaica. Montego Bay is not only home to an international airport, but a number of luxury all-inclusive resorts.

Stay at an all-inclusive resort. Speaking of these resorts, they come highly rated and recommended. Most consider them a tourist’s dream come true. For starters, most all-inclusive resorts include the cost of your entertainment, food, drinks, room, and tips. Not only that, but most have top-of-the-line amenities, facilities, and services. When you choose a resort that has an onsite golf course, fitness center, luxury spa, childcare center, scheduled activities, and a beach, you don’t have to leave to have a good time.

Take guided tours. Although all-inclusive resorts are designed so that you never have to leave them, you may want to get out and explore. Don’t let fear stop you, but use your best judgment. Most tourists are easy to spot. Some don’t try to hide enough and others try too hard. Regardless of where you vacation, when you look like a tourist you are more at risk for a theft crime. Instead of sightseeing by yourself, opt for a guided tour and always travel in a group.

Ask resort representatives for information. If you are looking for a good guided tour, you can use the internet to research at home. If your decision to venture outside of your all-inclusive resort is a last minute decision, speak to someone at your hotel. Most hotels partner with other local companies, including tour guides. Also, look for travel brochures in the main lobby.

Get a room with a safe and use it. Most all-inclusive Jamaica resorts come standard with an in-room safe. Not only should you request one, but use it. Never venture too far with too much money or valuable jewelry. Better yet, leave these items at home. All tourists run the risk of becoming a victim of theft, but you are less likely to be and will lose less without a large amount of cash and other valuables.

Do not drink too much alcohol. If you are of drinking age, you will love all-inclusive resorts. The cost of alcoholic drinks is already included in your stay. Some tourists develop the “I already paid for it,” mentality. This is okay, but drink in moderation. Although all-inclusive resorts are safe, you always need to be on top of your game when on a vacation. It is difficult to be aware of safety and your surroundings when you had too much to drink.

In short, yes portions of Jamaica are dangerous, but overall it is a great country to visit. It is important to remember that no place, including your own city or town, is free of crime. Protect yourself by researching Jamaica destinations, staying at an all-inclusive Jamaica resort, opting for guided tours, and leaving all valuables at home or in your in-room safe. Never let fear stand in your away from enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.

Source by Boris Ralston

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