Located in the Middle East, Israel is a small country that offers great opportunities to visitors. With its capital in Jerusalem, Israel is known to be part of the Holy Land alongside Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. After the Second World War, the nation, Israel, was created for the Jews. The major religions that has historical ties with the country is Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Israel, is therefore, rich in modern history and culture, which has majority of its immigrants from the Jewish Diaspora. For this reason, Israel is considered as one of the best destinations in the world for pilgrimage and sight-seeing. As a result of its diverse culture, asides the official languages of Arabic and Hebrew, there are several languages spoken by a few number of its inhabitants which includes Spanish, Russian, French, Yiddish, and Amharic. In Israel, English can be regarded as second language.  With over 8 million people, majority of the inhabitants in Israel regard themselves as Jewish while a few of them identify themselves as either Bedouin or Druze, Palestinian or Arab.

There is actually no time of the year that you can’t take a vacation to Israel. Here’s a highlight of the climatic conditions that can make you decide on the best time for your travel. The best and most reliable time to visit is during spring which runs from March to May, when the temperatures are in the low 20’s. You can also plan your trip to Israel during autumn between October and November, which seems to be another perfect time to visit. During this time, the temperatures of the central region of the country are friendlier and in the high 20’s. The temperatures are usually much higher around the southern region of the country and in the areas of the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee. The winter months in Israel are fairly mild especially in Jerusalem and Galilee. The summer months which runs from July to august are usually very hot with an average temperature of over 30 degrees in the central region of the country and closer to 40 degrees in the southern part of the country. This is probably not the best time to visit.

It has been noted that the perfect time for a trip to Israel is during Autumn and Spring, there are also some other factors to put into consideration. The months of September and October are considered the busiest with several festivals and events in the Jewish calendar such as Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) and Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). April is another busy time to visit Israel when they celebrate the Passover (Pessach). During these periods, Israel is usually filled with loads of Jewish tourist and not the best of time if you are looking for a remarkable and more relaxed vacation. Regardless of the troubled state of the country, Israel is still a safe and secured destination to visit

Getting in

Israel’s main point of entry is the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. It has close proximity to central Tel Aviv and approximately 40 km from the nation’s capital, Jerusalem. Ben Gurion is home to several major airlines in the country including El Al, the largest international airline and flag carrier; Israir Airlines with flights to several major cities in Europe; and Arkia Israel Airlines the largest domestic airline in Israel with flight to other popular destinations in Europe. You can catch non-stop flights directly to Israel from several American and European cities.

The second international airport used by most charter carriers in Israel is situated at Ovda. The airport serves the southern region of the country, especially Eilat. Transportation to and from the airport is affordable, convenient and easy to get. There’s easy access to the Ben-Gurion International Airport by bus, taxi and train

The Best Accommodation

Israel is home to a wide variety of accommodation options which includes rental homes, budget hotels, hostels, luxury hotels and much more. The various kinds of accommodations in Israel are of equal standard when compared to those found in Western countries. These hotels offer high quality service in a more relaxed setting. One of the best hotels in Israel that provides guest with the best of service and comfort is the Dan Tel Aviv

Dan Tel Aviv

Established in 1953, Dan Tel Aviv is the first luxury hotel in Tel Aviv. It has played host to some famous personalities in the world such as high profiled politicians, statesmen, and world renowned artists- including Madonna and Sharon Stone. This hotel is a reflection of the dynamic lifestyle in Tel Aviv. Dan Tel Aviv has close proximity to a good number of splendid beaches, after-dark attractions, commercial centers and places where you can shop and have the best of dining experience. It is located on the seafront promenade overlooking the Mediterrean and several beautiful beaches including Gordon Beach. The Dan Tel Aviv hotel is housed behind a beautiful, Technicolor façade inspired by Yaacov Agam, an Israeli artist. Dan Tel Aviv is one of the leading figures of Tel Aviv’s 5-Star hotels. The decor of the hotel is conservatively modern and magnificent. The luxury hotel has about 286 beautifully equipped and renovated rooms and suites. Some of its facilities include restaurants, bars, full-service spa. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, concierge, steam bath, Free Wi-Fi in Rooms and public areas, 24 hours room service, car rental and much more. If you are looking for the best comfort zone that offers unique, high quality customer services whenever you are planning your trip to Israel, consider staying over at the Dan Tel Aviv hotel. There’s no hotel in Israel that can reach the standards of Dan Tel Aviv


Israel is one of the most visited countries in the world by pilgrims and sightseers. There are a lot of fun filled activities to do and interesting places to see in Israel. In order to fully explore the country, you need to spend more than a week. Below is a list of places you should consider visiting before leaving the country.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is considered the Lowest Point on Earth and is one of the special places in Israel that’s worth visiting. If you are feeling depressed and need a perfect getaway spot that can take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the ideal place to visit is the Dead Sea in Israel. You can decide on floating in the warm, salty sea or just choose a nice spot where you can take in the scene. It is also ideal for taking beautiful pictures you’ll cherish for a life time.

Take a tour around Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel with several must-see attractions. The Old City of Jerusalem is home to places of great religious significance such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall and al-Aqsa Mosque. To get the best out of this tour, it is recommended to spend a full day here. By so doing, you can visit the Western Wall to place a prayer between the crack stone of the gigantic rocks, check out the various shops along the streets of the Old City bazaar and take a trip to the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Consider going on a tour round Jerusalem to experience an unforgettable moment.

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

Located in central Tel Aviv, the Carmel Market is a place where you can display your haggling skills. The market offers you the opportunity to have a feel of an authentic Israel lifestyle. You can start exploring the market from the Allenby Street end, walk past the countless number of clothes stores, before getting to the market’s epicenter – the food and spices.  Here, you’ll feel aroma of freshly produced food in the air, stall vendors attracting customers by advertising their goods and lots more. It’s absolutely going to be a great day out.


Eilat is one of the perfect places to visit if you’d like to see pristine water, several water creatures, and amazing coral reef. This destination is also considered one of the best diving sites you can find anywhere in the world. Eilat is famous for having warm, friendly climate all through the year and perfect for loads of water sporting activities including scuba diving and snorkeling. With its own airport, visiting Eilat is usually easy. It is located a few distances away from the magnificent dives of Sinai. To re-awaken those diving skills in you, take a trip to Eilat.

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

If you would like to know more about Israel, visit the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. This is a sober spot where you’ll find the over 6 million Israeli victims of the Holocaust.  Stretching over 45 acres, the Yad Vashem has a massive complex of museums, exhibition halls with archives, outdoor monuments and countless number of resource centers. You’ll be deeply moved whenever you visit this site

Ramon Crater

Located on the southern part of Beersheva, Ramon crater is a fascinating site to see and one of Israel’s incredible geological feature. Carved out naturally by water and climate erosion, the Ramon crater is considered the world’s largest crater. For an amazing experience, stand at the edge of the largest crater in the world for a panoramic view.

Tel Aviv beach

The beautiful sandy beaches of Tel Aviv is an ideal spot for relaxation and to also catch a sunset. It is a massive beach that stretches along the entire western edge of Tel Aviv. Regardless of the time you visited, Tel Aviv beach promises to be fun. It is one of the major attractions in Israel that attracts millions of tourist annually. Both locals and tourists visit this amazing place to enjoy its warm waters, walk around and feel the sun-quenched sand between their toes, and engage in several water sporting activities. There are also loads of beachside cafes where you can relax. A visit to Tel Aviv Beach will be rewarding and remarkable.

Mountain fortress of Masada

The mountain fortress of Masada is located on a secluded rock plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea in the southeastern region of the country. It is believed that the Masada is a place where over 1000 Jewish inhabitants’ committed mass suicide rather than accepting defeat and surrender to their Roman enemies.  For an adventure of a lifetime, walk to the top of Masada through the Snake Path, or you can also decide on using a cable car. The best time of the day to escape the scourging heat is in the early hours of the morning or in the evening.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is regarded as the City That Never Sleeps. It is usually buzzing with a wide variety of incredible nightlife activities. You can find whatsoever you need to experience that impeccable night out alone or with friends. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, clubs, concert halls, galleries, theatres and dance centers for the more cultured evening. You can have fun till the early hours of the morning whenever you are in Tel Aviv. If you have the opportunity of visiting this great city during summer, a night out in any of the beaches in Tel Aviv is recommended.


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