Jamaica Vacations: Get the Best Value For Your Money in 5 Easy Steps


When deal seekers plan vacations, they typically go for the lowest prices. This is okay for those on a strict budget. On the other hand, if you have a little bit of wiggle room, do not think lowest prices. Instead, think best value for your money. Best value often translates into the best Caribbean vacation ever.

How can you ensure the money for your upcoming Jamaica vacation is spent wisely?

1 – Ensure You Have a Valid Passport

This isn’t necessarily a cost saving measure, more of an important reminder of the law. You need a valid passport for Jamaica travel. If you haven’t glanced at your passport in more than a year, look at the date. If the date passed or if you do not have a passport, order yours today. In terms of saving money, do not pay unnecessary rush fees to get a last minute passport. Order yours at least two months before your Caribbean travel dates.

2 – Compare All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica

The key to getting the best value for your money with Jamaica trips is to stay at an all-inclusive resort. With these luxury, yet affordable establishments, you get more than a roof over your head. In fact, you get much more. Your stay could include the cost of your room or suite, food, snacks, drinks, tips, qualifying airport transfers, and onsite entertainment. One travel arrangement preplans and prepays for most of your trip! Not only does this save you time, but money too. Towards the end of their trip, guests like to estimate the cost of their entertainment, room, food, drinks, tips, and so forth. When comparing the estimate to what they paid, many find themselves saving money!

You will find many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Since onsite entertainment, food, and drinks are included with your stay, choose a resort that has a lot to offer. Look at the list of inclusions. The more inclusions you will use the better value you are getting. For example, if you want to snorkel, examine beachfront resorts with it listed as an inclusion.

3 – Book Your Travel Arrangements

Since there are a many great all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, you want to closely examine them all. Remember, find the resort with the best inclusions for your wants and needs. This gives you the better value. Once you have done that, make your Caribbean travel arrangements.

As previously stated, the cost of your room, food, drinks, snacks, tips, qualifying airport transfers, and onsite entertainment is included. This automatically means you get a travel package, but also consider airline tickets. Unless you have booked these separately, add them to your all-inclusive Jamaica resort travel package. It saves time and you may get a discounted price.

4 – Return Back to Your Resort for Dinner

The key to getting the best value for your money on a Jamaica vacation isn’t just to choose a good all-inclusive resort with a long list of inclusions. It is also to make use of them. For example, your food, drinks, and snacks are already paid for. They were included in the cost of your stay. If you want to venture off the resort and sightsee, go right ahead. However, try to return to your all-inclusive resort for dinner. The more you eat and drink onsite, the more you save.

All-inclusive and super-inclusive resorts are known as “no strings attached travel.” This means you will be provided with all information upfront. Review the resort’s list of restaurants and surcharges. Fancy sit-down restaurants may charge an affordable surcharge, but dinner itself should still be included. Snack bars and casual restaurants rarely impose this extra fee. Luckily, most Jamaica resorts have a long-standing history of not hiding fees, should there be any.

5 – Make Use of Your Resort Inclusions

As with your food, drinks, and snacks, certain onsite activities are included too. To get the best value for your money and to save money, make good use of them. This is where comparing all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica to find the perfect fit is important. Do not pay extra elsewhere for what you already paid for at your resort. A scuba diving tour on the open waters sounds nice, but not at $100 a person and when you can do so without paying extra at your beachfront resort.

If you not only want to save money, but also get the best value for your money, book your next Caribbean vacation as an all-inclusive vacation. Compare resorts to find the perfect fit and then make use of what is available. This limits your extra spending.

Source by Tony Hagar

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