Prague , Czech Republic


While searching for the new holiday spot I clicked on different cities among which one became a center of attraction for me. It appeared like a totally different place when I searched on the internet and I got much indulged and curious for knowing about it more due to the cultural attractions, underground beer cellars and restaurants, fairy tale type castles, old town, bridges and most of all the small Eiffel tower of Paris. I had Prague on number third in my holiday tour list and luckily I got a nice travelling consultant who made it easier.  I started making the list of to do’s and the transportation to roam around the Prague of Czech Republic. After Rome, Paris, Istanbul, and London it is the fifth widely visited European city due to its rich history and amazing tourism spots.

We arrived at Vaclav Havel Airport that is the biggest airport of Czech Republic in Prague through one of the low cost airlines. Our flight landed here whereas there are other airports in Prague as well. The original airport of Prague is operated by air force and has aviation museum. We had the pre bookings of transportation and hotel; hence the car was already there. I saw the metro passing near the airport. There are also tram system, trains, cable cars and buses available to travel around the city that adds it among the most usage rates of public transport in the world. We reached our hotel that was very nice and comfortable and after getting fresh decided to utilize the check list of the most happening things. Before going to Prague, keep in mind that it has a lot of things to do and you will not get a single day sitting free in the hotel room. There are many amusing things which you can enjoy without even spending a single buck, I would better say “a single Koruna or CZK ”.

“Free things to do in Prague”

Does it sound insane? However it is a reality that this city has a lot of entertainments that charges nothing but a smile. After spending some hours in the city I found why Prague is among top tourist crowded places.

  • The astronomical clock relates to the fifteenth century and is placed at the old town hall. It is a very popular thing among the visitors. On Every hour the twelve apostles appear in the clock which are recognized by their signs and attribute. The Two medallions below the clock represent the zodiacs among which one medallion was added after the nineteenth century. After every hour the crowd of people gathers here to see this and I spent two hours to stare the clock and saluted the creativity of fifteenth century.
  • At the old town there is a Jewish quarter, named Josefov from the tenth century. We walked in the streets that show the lifestyles of the 18,000 inhabitants of these quarters and the Jewish cemetery. We took pictures at this birth place of Writer Franz Kafka.
  • The huge Charles Bridge has an amazing view of life style. On the either side you can see the street artists, entertainers, musicians and dancers. It is the crossing on the river Viatvain and the important construction. The crowds remain here every time except very late night and very early in the morning because it is main crossing of the river and a beautiful sightseeing attraction.
  • I crossed the Charles Bridge to see what is on the other side. Prague surprised me by showing its most beautiful part on the other side of the Charles Bridge. This beautiful island has an amazing landscape. I walked on the island and enjoyed the river view, fantastical park and the beautiful houses on the side of the river. Due to this appearance this part is known as “the Venice of Prague”.
  • I found there something very familiar that was the small tower. The hilarious and amazing thing about it is exactly like the Eiffel tower of Paris. It is 60m tall having 299 steps to the top but is exactly a smaller version. It is known as the Observation Tower of Petrin hill. Yes! I accomplished to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Prague has a huge setup of beer and bars where every time local music bands keep on performing. They are of every kind hence the people of every taste can get their music beat. We went to Futurum Music bar that was a sister bar of Lucerna rock music bar where local bands were performing. We enjoyed there a lot but here we paid a little for the beer. The fun of a beer bar never completes without a glass of chilled beer.
  • We had great experience of amazing architecture and beautiful landscapes. It is very easy to visit a lot of places without spending money because the normal constructions are worth viewing in Prague. The Town Hall and the things near to it are all the admirable creations of Romanesque architecture. Another interesting thing is the sculptures which are present almost everywhere. They represent different personalities or the symbolic of various things that were on the peak in the ancient times.
  • The Lennon wall is an old wall that has the admirable graffiti on it. It is the art piece of John Lennon and his image was also painted here after his murder. It was painted opposite to the French Embassy due to that Police and local people did numerous white washes on it but it was reposted a lot of times. The property owner also tried it to do so but all in vain hence it was accepted and with the passage of time it got emerged as the memory of Lennon. I found it very interesting because of its story that I heard from the guide.
  • I got to feel myself like the old royals hence I went to the Prague castle. It is very popular and crowded by the tourists. Its gardens can be visited for free where there are thousands of concerts and exhibitions are held. Almost every time of the year there is some event going on. The only royal tradition kept here is the changing of guards from 6am to 11pm. It happens after every hour.
  • The free walking tour of Prague was no doubt very interesting because the places we visited was near to each other and every inch was worth watching hence we did not need any transportation to go. The tourism office of the old town square provides the facility of free walking tour and you can get a guide free of cost. These guides earn from the cash tip people gave them. This was the reason we got ever where without any hassle and enjoyed the walking tour of Prague but I contributed some Koruna to the guide.
  • The Mala Strana district has Wallenstein Garden that is another amusing place I discovered. However it was already there and was pre-discovered by a lot of people. The Wallenstein gardens are a refreshing place. They have trees and the beautiful fountains along with the bronze status. The best thing about them is their free entry. We did not require to spend a single Koruna except for buying anything as a memory or to eat. There was a music concert going on. I guess, Prague is also a music city along with the city of bars and beer.
  • There is a Czech Museum of music where ancient and unique music instruments are displayed. They are well preserved and huge in number. It really worth visiting because it has the instruments from the centuries and the memorable of well known musicians as well. I felt myself indulging into the music and wanted to stay there to become a musician. It was a really wonderful experience and I really got the melodies of Prague in my ears.
  • The Church of Lady before Tyn is mesmerizing due to its features. There is a rumor that the sleeping beauty castle was inspired by this church because it is very beautiful and exactly looks like that. Its interior is the main reason behind the high admiration of the tourists. When I first entered the church I found myself in some mystical place where I was indulging in the magic of beautiful architecture.
  • “Dancing House” Isn’t it a strange name? It is a name of a building and I found it a little funny. I thought it was a real dancing house with a crowd of ballerinas staying in to perform for us in their lavishing costumes but it was just a name nothing more than that. It was named like that because its appearance is like a pair of dancers. It is also known as Fred and Ginger, which are considered as those people like whom the building appears. It is a very popular building now but in the ancient times its construction got controversial.

There are many other that we done and experienced in this magical city. In the whole trip I was thinking like dreaming. It was really wonderful for being there. I enjoyed there a lot and had a fantastical bunch of memories. Deciding to spend a day without spending money was really fun but now I had to do some serious things. Not as such serious, but it was about having some really practical fun to roam around more places of Prague.  I went to Mala Strana where I got the Ujezd Tram to fulfill the desire of travel using the local transportation. That day I got straight to the Sara Bernhardt Restaurant. It is situated in the Pariz Hotel. It is the amazing piece of the art nouveau. I found many things that I used as the inspiration for one of my projects. It was really wonderful to visit them in real.

After having the lunch we decided to watch the city from a different aspect, hence we rented bike. We took a bike tour that goes on from May to October. It remains a big attraction for the tourists, similarly it was for us. We enjoyed a lot there and being on the bike it became a little different to riding around the castles and Architectures. A native recommended us to visit the Charles Bridge in the night to see it in its real colors. So we decided to go all the way after the evening. Those all places we visited in the day time became entirely new. I thought that we were visiting a whole new Prague in the night time. IT was more beautiful and interesting. On the sides of the river there are many restaurants from where the landscape of the river can be viewed and enjoyed with the delicious Czech cuisines.

The night life of Prague is fun because there are a huge number of bars and pubs where party goes on every time. Due to being a music city it has a number of musicians and music lovers. The symphonies remain in the atmosphere. We enjoyed a lot there and decided to see one of the bars. We met a Prague native in the bar where he told us about more specialties. I asked him about the underground Cellars. He took us there where another world was seen. They are the underground cellars where beer is kept. There are a couple of restaurants in these cellars where they utilized the darkness and beauty of the place. They are an amazing and dramatic thing that I have seen in the movies.

There is a palce named “child of Prague” it was the church if Lady Victorious where the entry the free but there is the warning of pick pockets otherwise free would cost more. The Don Giovanni Matinee opera is very famous at the Estates Theatre. We just popped at there in the afternoon without reservation. The show was going on and it was very nice. We took a walk into the Strahov Monastery Complex that is very popular for its libraries and cloisters. There are two restaurants and a brewery. It is considered among the top tourists attractions. It was wonderful but I enjoyed there more in the night time. The beer hall was wonderful where we got the chance to interact with more Czechs. They told us about the places and brief histories that we enjoyed with beer.

We did not want to go back to the hotel hence we decide to spend some more time in the Prague environment. Hence we got to the Savoy Café where we enjoyed the late night drink and stayed there with the booze and music. We had a really nice time there as well. Next day we decided to see the wild life; hence we started with the Stromovka Park and took the walk to the Prague Zoo where we took a lot of picture and enjoyed. The things were very amusing and we took a boat ride to come back to the other side instead of using the bridge. The classical concert was going on at the Rudofinum. On the several parts of the years exhibitions of art and photography keep going on. There was the Czech modern art gallery where the old and modern artists work was displayed.

The trip of Prague was very amazing and the thing I experienced will remain in my memories forever. It is always better to plan the trip completely before leaving the place. I made a check list of the things to do in Prague to avoid losing a single specialty. I marked every place due to that I found a lot more than I imagined. It is a compete piece of art and creativity that is made by the great artists and architects. It takes the visitors to the historical creations, the royalty and the old life styles of the Czechs. I found many things in the city that I had already seen in various movies. This city is so dramatic that is why the work of many photographers and artists is seen to be inspired by Prague. The historical buildings are also a place for the film makers to get inspired. There are thousands of reasons for the tourists to keep on coming to Prague because anyone can fall in love with this place. The time of arriving to the walking trip, the roof top of the restaurants and the walk in park, the riding of the bike around the castle and having typical Czech beer was very wonderful experiences.


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