Southeast Asia's Romantic Beaches


When you thinks of romantic vacations on the beach, the first thing that comes to mind is a long walk with ones partner on a secluded shoreline, with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. However, if you are looking for something more, choose a place that gives you all this as well as an enriching cultural experience. Give a miss to the stereotypical couples’ retreats, and fish out instead a real gem of a place that will create some unforgettable memories.One of the prime locations like Southeast Asia has been constantly overshadowed by the other hyped about romantic destinations like the Caribbean & Pacific Islands. As you travel to Asia you tend to realize this region owns the most extraordinary stretches of coastline and scenic vistas.

The islands south ofThailand are outlined with remarkably beautiful and pristine beaches and shorelines. Whether you are the partying kind or looking for a tranquil retreat, you will find something amongst these islands to suit you. Phuket and Krabi are the traditional favorites for couples seeking a romantic getaway in Thailand.You could also use either of these popular destinations as a base, from where you could launch and explore the various islands. Koh Phangan, which hosts a night-full of fun and revelry with its extremely popular full moon party, is one of those islands you would want to get to. The Phi Phi Islands, on the other hand, are more peaceful and provide a natural retreat.

In Indonesia, Bali is definitely the best retreat for couples to enjoy the honeymoon in Bali. Most people consider the seductive beauty of its beaches unparalleled anywhere in the world. However, it offers more than just verdant beaches. It has an extremely vibrant and rich culture too.Malaysia beaches are no less, whether it is the tranquil setting at Langkawi or the exciting Perhentian Islands with their diving activities.

The most outstanding feature of these Asian destinations that sets them apart from the regular romantic destinations is that they offer a distinct feel of a rich culture. Be it the indulgent local cuisines or decompressing massages of Southeast Asia, there is a tinge of Asian culture and lifestyle in everything.

From the singing fruit vendors on the Thai beaches to the Indonesian women who walk the shores covered from head to toe to protect themselves from the sun, it promises to be an experience out of the ordinary. These locations also have all the activities and amenities that you would expect on a traditional beach vacation; diving, spas and all.

To conclude, you can look forward to a unique version of the regular romantic beach vacations on your Southeast Asian tour. The most important part of these vacations is that they are available for the tourers at a cost-effective price.

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