The Amazing Experience of Dusseldorf City


Dusseldorf is one of the top destinations of Germany that shares a border with Netherlands. It is only 200km away from Amsterdam and can be accessed by train or car. We travelled to the city to approach the transcendental beauty of that place by train. The train was taken from Amsterdam Central Station that was direct so it took only 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach the place. We had advanced booking to have lowest fares and hassle free timing. There are many other ways to access Dusseldorf like car, air plane and bus. The toll price varies and the vehicle is easily available.

It has many spectacular features that attract a huge crowd of tourists. Another reason is the good economy, arts and opportunities for which business people come here. There are various bars, restaurants and German cuisine treats that made our trip more fantastical and the Famous beer, Altbier of that place was like a cherry on the topping.     

Dusseldorf Airport

We got surprised as we reached the airport. An event was celebrated there. The colorful adornments were done and for a moment I thought that we got the wrong place. I came to know that this celebration is done on every first Sunday of the month and the prices are reduced for the visitors. There were a lot of attractions for children where there was a crowd. After asking the natives and visitors we came to know that various events are celebrated on the airport that is also available on the internet so the people can do their booking accordingly. There are coffee shops and restaurants available at the airport and it provides a 30 minutes free Wi-Fi to its visitors. 

Accommodation in Dusseldorf

There is a network of trams and trains where the moving becomes more convenient. We had the pre booking of our accommodation so it became easier for us to reach the hotel. There are various places available for the stay. You can choose it according to your budget, purpose and requirement. Whole place is filled with the beautiful landscapes due to that most of the tourists choose the places near to the markets and the city center. We also selected a hotel in the main area of the Dusseldorf city that has a comfortable room in very reasonable price. It was situated near the Altstadt city due to that we roamed around various places very easily. There are many hotels where Wi-Fi, elevators and very good room services are available. It is better to book the place before arriving because the availability becomes difficult during the peak holiday season.   

Place to start in Dusseldorf

We started the first day from Altstadt that is an old town and the best place to start. It is amazing to explore this historical place by walking, there is famous shopping street or area named as Koenigsalle and the other side is bounded by river Rhine. Burgplatz is very close to the river. The entire place is small and surrounded by the wonderful buildings. The old age buildings are in their old structure by construction but are now used for residential purposes or turned into museum. The church named St. Lambertus Basilica on Stiftsplatz was constructed in 1206. While roaming around the old city we had a craving for food for which there were many places near the river Rhine. After lunch we had piece of cake in the revolving restaurant by taking the elevator from the platform. It is the greatest tower constructed in the city and known as grand tower. It takes a complete rotation after every hour to give the amazing experience of the view to the visitors. It was mesmerizing.

Industrial Harbour

The old ancient industrial harbor is the wonderful place to experience the creativity of Germany. Basically we heard about the night life and events of the media harbor. We experienced a lot more than the typical information we got. It is the city of contemporary art construction and you can better call it a playground for extremely creative architects and constructors. There are many media companies from all over the world. Along with the enjoyment of German cuisines there were a lot of fashion design studios where a wide variety of fashion was available from everywhere. It can give a great opportunity to the architects and designers to learn the things from a different perspective. Hence it is known as media harbour Dusseldorf. 

Historical Castles

I already explored the city online to make a list of the places I want to visit. When we reached Dusseldorf, I found there were a huge number of entertaining places and it is not easy to visit them all. Similarly, there are a number of castles and if one starts exploring it seems like a full centre of royalty. The amazing histories take the person back to the ancient times. There is a castle by Nicolas de Piagage in 1756 that took fifteen years for the completion and is 200 years old. It is a complete representation of the art. The ceiling is heavily carved and the interior shows a complete royalty of the 18th century we felt ourselves as the royal guests for a while during the visit to the castle. It is adorned with mirrors in a spectacular manner, old cocks, chandeliers and precious rare paintings which are made by the famous historical artists.

Near the river Rhine, we enjoyed another castle designed by the same person. It is a huge piece of art that has extreme involvement of natural grace, woods and meadows. There are many other castles and royal homes which are now used for different purposes but most of them are well preserved by the government and are considered as the sign of the ancient rulers’ strength and power. The constructions of them are highly admirable due to which a lot of people keep on visiting.     

Konigsalle Boulevard

We visited the Konigsallee in the evening and my eyes remained wide opened when I entered the territory. It is an amazing place that got into my mind. Almost every top designer of the world is available at this place. I think it is one of the most beautiful shopping places. Before starting anything else we decided to explore the place completely. It is a wonderful boulevard and most of the natives call it “ko” street. It has a canal between the rows of trees. The chest nut trees are aligned in a very proper manner that they enhances the beauty in the day time whereas for the night time there is a surprise of lighting that makes the place more mystical.

It is the most fashionable place where indoor and outdoor restaurants are available along with huge shopping malls. The canal makes the place appears like a marvelous heart catching landscape. There are many office buildings, coffee bars and banks also situated at this place. For the attention of the visitors there are many couches and benches placed on the sides, where we had the most memorable coffee. The landscape of canal with swans and water fowls made the time more magical.

Historical Museums

Being filled with the ancient artifacts and crafts this place has a number of museums. We have experienced the most world class galleries and museums. They had a wide variety of ancient artifacts, work of well known personalities and other various contemporary art displays. Kunstakademie is a famous art academy that produced the highly skilled artists like Gerhard Richter, Jorg Immendorff and Joseph Beuys. 

Kunstpalast museum is widely popular for the ancient art. The K20 and K21 galleries display the work from eighteenth to twentieth century. It is the amazing place to shake hands with the creativity of ancient artists. Time to time various events and exhibitions are organized here where people from all over the world participates and are encouraged to increase the interest in the arts field. The emerging artists also get wonderful opportunities at these events.

We also attended and art exhibition there that was very impressive. Many young artists also participated and we got amazed by experiencing the fantastical creativity. It was something extraordinary. There was also a display of the ancient art where the cultures and themes were also explained by the guides. 19 museums exist in Dusseldorf that meets every aspect of life and have everything in them. There are Medieval and history museums, theater history museum, contemporary art museum, glass museum that has the Roman art and many more. Memberships are also offered to the natives and we enjoyed everything with our friends who were the natives and had the compete knowledge about the things.      

Resturant and Brewery

Zum Schiffchen is one of the oldest restaurants and has the crown of having Napoleon as a guest. It is very comfortable and mesmerizing place that serves the typical cuisines with the beer. There is a beer garden in it where the specialty can be experienced by the visitors. There is also a brewery named Zum Schiissel. It is a pub where the wonderful restaurant is also located. It serves all the German cuisines and the brewery can be experienced by having a chilled beer with the Butcher’s plate with garlic sausage. 

Another one is the Uerige that is producing beer since 1862. We had fresh beer and I failed to have even a complete glass because it was very strong. I never experienced the fresh beer ever before in my life so it was another remarkable thing. It produces huge amount of beer and only on Saturdays it produces the pea soup that is very famous. There are many other restaurants and places located here because of the excessive tourism you can find almost every variety of the world.


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