The Fantastical Meeting with Berlin, Germany



On every vacation I plan a trip by roaming around the internet to find the latest attractive place. However, the scenario was different that time and I got a chance to visit Berlin by winning a traveling contest which was held at my office. I started learning and planning to enjoy the place completely. This city is among the top ten tourism spots of the world and I felt very glad by reading it that again I am going to visit a very interesting place. Berlin is a living history of Germany and is the top political and cultural center as well. It is easily approachable by train, air plan and cruise. This time I was planning to travel through the ship but my travelling consultant warned me that the cruise is quite uncomfortable but many people still had good experience of cruise trips to Berlin. He recommended traveling through train or air plane because it is the fastest and most economical way and the exceptional thing about the air trip is the wonderful sky views and landscapes.

I selected the train trip to enjoy it fully with my other group members. We reached Berlin and our coach arrived at the Berlin Central Station. It is a spectacular place that was constructed in eleven years. It is amazing and portrays the wonderful art and architecture of the Capital. The motorway provides an option to reach the city by car that is very comfortable. I experienced it because our hotel was near to the motorway means we were staying at the entrance of Berlin. It becomes necessary to arrange the vehicle before reaching the place during trips but the best thing about Berlin is everything is very easily approachable. The car service is available by just calling on their number and any model of the car can be hired. Being a crowded tourist spot, this city has a huge number of hotels and restaurants options. It is better to rent one before reaching the place. Hence out travel consultant booked a hotel for us. Accommodation in Berlin is not a big issue because there are a number of options.

After reaching Berlin we started from the green woods. The Grunewald is the largest forest in the Charlottenburg and easy to access. It became fantastical because there were a lot of things to do at the same place. We entered the forest by foot and started on by having a bicycle. It was really amusing to roam around the forest on bicycles. The beautifully green area has fresh water lakes where a wonderful picnic can be arranged. There is also a mark from the history, a Hill rising form the wood land that was made by the allies after the world war two. There are guides available to go to the top of the hill by booking otherwise it is not accessible by the general people.

There is also a museum island in the middle of the spree. It is one of the most important heritage and the monuments. It has many structures from the ancient time including the roman gate of Miletus, Ishtar gate of Babylon and the huge collection of Roman, Babylon and Islamic art. The structures start from the entrance and mesmerize the mind until they end up. I felt myself in the crowd of ancient historical structures that I was really visiting those eras. There are also two very famous museums in the Berlin, Neues Museum and Pergamonmuseum. They are the largest archeological museums in the world and has a spectacular and worth visiting things. There are tickets for the entrance that are available by the pre booking of the place. The Nueus museum is highly admired because it takes back to the Egyptians ancient times. It was hard to point out the best one but I was amazed that all the things were very well preserved and kept with great care.

At the side of the spree the seasons can be enjoyed fully. There are bars and clubs and the bank of hundreds of miles where the music is played by the DJ’s and the summers gives the appearance of the long term event going on. We had the chance to visit many natives there who guided us more about the place. They told us that the outdoor things totally turns into the indoor complex during the whole winter season, hence the place can be enjoyed fully around the whole year. There are many other places near the spree.

Next day it was the Sunday and we heard about the freaking market that is only held on Sundays. Luckily, we got a chance to be there. It was the massive market in the Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark which had a lot of vendors selling their products. Most of them were on bicycles but there were stalls as well which had clothes, food items, record pianos, furniture and many other things. There is also a long strip of grass in the middle of the market that makes it attractive. I enjoyed a lot there and had shopping but due to the luggage weight I had to keep my things in a limit.

Germany has many monuments from the world war two and many of the constructions and architectures also have the traces from it. There are many historical, modern, contemporary and post modern constructions. They provide a chance to experience the vintage times. We visited a very beautiful building that was constructed in 1894 and renovated later in the 1999 by the British architect Norman Foster. The entire roofing is made of glass and provides a view of the city from the government center. The roof can be visited by the tourists for free but pre booking is required for this. We decided to enjoy the fascinating place completely hence we had an audio tour as well that provide the great chance of knowing about the place more. It was very beautiful and amazing to visit the open roof.

There is also the Europe’s fastest elevator that is from the Panoramapunkt to the Kollhoff tower. It was really wonderful to be in there. We were in the east of the city where there was a collaboration if extremely modern architecture and historical buildings. It was a very contemporary view to see them. There is a place named Fernsehturm that is on the Alexanserplatz and is 200 meters high. It is the free standing structure that comes on number fourth in Europe for being among the tallest ones. It has a stainless steel huge ball on the top that has a restaurant and a gallery in it.  I was wondering when I learned about it on the internet but I highly admired the creativity of the architect for designing such a unique and beautiful thing.

Berlin is a very interesting place because it has a lot of thing to do and offers a wide range of activities to the visitors having any kind of nature and taste. There are museums, historical places, bars, clubs, community centers, parks, restaurants, art galleries and many more. Different events are held around the year for the tourists and to make the place more attractive. It is a portrait of different histories and among the greatest Jewish history there is a Judiches museum. From its architecture to the preserved items it can be found that it is purely made according to the Jews. Its construction shows half star of David and the interior is designed by utilizing the spaces and the angles instead of just putting the artifacts.

A couple became our friends during the trip. They were the natives of Berlin and made our trip more fun. They took us to the Berlin wall that is preserved from the border but the other part is demolished in 1990. One part of the border controls the cold war where as it passes through several districts. It shows the old lovers of art because there is graffiti painted on the southern section of the wall. The original work of artists is paced there that is highly admirable but from the northern side everything was removed. We met different art lovers there as well who had the colorful art pieces and guitars. Walk on the Berlin wall was very entertaining.

There was a very unique thing I saw, which was attractive for the selfie lovers. In the city there are many photo booths that remain open and any one can just pop in and click pictures. They are printed in black and white and are provided in several minutes. They are the real fun providers of the selfies while in the city. We also had the pictures to keep as the memory of the trip. There are many other amusements that depend upon the visitors like having a bike trip. We availed the opportunity to roam around the city on bike. It was a fun to visit the museums and historical monuments by the bicycle. They can be easily rented because there are many outlets providing bikes after reaching the place. It was a very entertaining experience because cycling is a part of the city’s culture and it is appreciated there. Many cycle clusters can be normally seen on the roads enjoying the trip of the city. We also joined a group of cycle tourists who were experiencing the places by starting from the Berlin Center.

While having the cycle trip we stopped by the Bauhaus Museum. It is a white building having the work of many architects and artists. It was first used for the school but later turned to the museum. Art lovers can also learn there and they get the wonderful opportunity to display their work. There is a permanent exhibition and work display, it remains there but the things are changed or added. I liked the ceramics and sculptures among the furniture, prints, sketches and photographs displayed there. They all were made by the people working in the workshop of the museum. We also visited the gift shops in the Bauhaus museum that has the creativity and art items of the artists. It is a complete designer place that has the glance of utilitarian art.

There are a number of shopping places in Berlin that provides the extensive range of products from the historical and modern art to the routine household and consumer goods. I was not on the shopping trip but I was feeling my luggage getting extra weight. The things were really good and I felt those art pieces could not be found anywhere else which are made by the hands of the artists. There is also a departmental store in Berlin. It is known as the largest superstore in the city. It has every kind of product and the entire shopping can be done from one place. I visited many retail outlets from the retailers of all around the Europe. They had small stalls and outlets in the departmental store. I had many traditional things from all around the world. They had the cultural products of every civilization. Various designers and boutiques were also there I did not have the option of more shopping due to the luggage. Kadewe is also known as the largest designer departmental store because it also has the designer outlets from all over the world. The people with big budgets can get a lot from here because the products are on the discounted prices in the departmental store. There are many second hand stores as well where the used products and factory damaged articles can be purchased in low prices.

Berlin is a city of wonderful offers where the life can be lived fully. The tips are enjoyed in their full color just like we did. I am a fond of party and night life hence I planned to enjoy the party in Berlin. The city offers the 48 hours party and music instead of the 24 hours the week end dancing fevers keep overwhelming around the whole week days. People love to party and every type of music is available here. We went to the border of two districts. There is a factory on kreuzberg and Friedrichshain border that provides the European techno. There was a party organized by our native friends and we enjoyed there completely. There are also many places where different types of parties are organized. The Ramshackle place is known for the party as well. There the underground parties are organized where people invite their own guests and there is no limit to it. There are many other places like Watergate. It is an old house that shows the heritage of the city and has the wonderful windows heading towards the spree. They are very beautiful and the terrace of the house provides an amazing landscape of the spree with the sunrise. This is highly admired by the people for partying. Among all those places I loved the floating terrace of water gate and enjoyed one of the most wonderful times of my life. There are no restrictions of party in Berlin and it can be fully enjoyed till the sunrise.

Berlin is full of amazing landscapes, museums and many other art and cultural societies that provide the complete opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the time. The Berlin art galleries are worth visiting because they have all the contemporary, ancient, old and modern work of the artists. There are paintings and art works from the English, Spanish and renaissance time. They take back to the time when they were made and a glance of the trends and cultures of the history can be seen. The visits of museums stay open until 2am but it requires the permission and is bounded for a specific dates.

The art and crafts of Berlin are very amusing and the party atmosphere is wonderful for the music lovers. We enjoyed the amazing Berlin Philharmonic that is considered as the best Symphony Orchestra. It has the delightful crown of producing the best contemporary and classical choices for the people. The recordings are available all around the world. Musicians and tourists from all over the world come here to listen and I felt myself indulging into the wonderful melodies of the place. The unique yellow building is designed by Hans Scharon and it portrays the real colors of the music in the language of Berlin. It was designed in 1960s and its hall is very attractively adorned. Berlin is one of the main centers of Germany which are especially visited by the tourists for some special reasons. It has many unique qualities that put it among the top visited places of the world. I found it very different in culture and style because of the historical charms, preservation of the history and the wonderful creativity of arts along with the glance of modernization and technology.


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