Top Ten Vacations for Under a Thousand Bucks!


Is it time to get away, kick up your heels, and relax a bit? Don’t want to spend and arm and a leg to do so? Here are the top ten cheap vacations for under $1000.

Cheap Vacation 1: A week of camping with the Family

You can take the whole family to a State or National park for a full week for under $1000! This includes traveling by car, supplies and food. Invest in some basic outdoor cookware and pack some coolers full of food and drink to grill in the great outdoors.

Cheap Vacation 2: Disney World!

Believe it or not, Disney World is one of the greatest values when it comes to family vacations. If you are flying, the Orlando airport usually has many choices for cheap flights from most major cities. The park offers “value resorts” which are specially discounted for family stays. Also look into the off-season rates at these resorts and the savings will add up quick! Check on staying at near by Kissimmee for even deeper discounts.

Cheap Vacation 3: An Igloo up North!

In Cochran, located in Ontario, Canada, you and your family can stay in an actual igloo mad of snow and ice. Now, I know what you’re thinking…”cold!” Actually, the igloos are cozy and supplied with modern amenities. They are designed to keep warm on the inside when it’s cold outside. What an adventure! Check the major discount airlines for the best deals in airfare such as AirTran, Southwest, and JetBlue.

Cheap Vacation 4: Boston

Believe it or not, Boston can make for a truly affordable vacation since so many of the historical attractions are free and in walking distance of downtown. Airfare, if applicable, and lodging will be your primary expense. Check out the Freedom Trail while there and give your family a history lesson they will not forget!

Cheap Vacation 5: Hot Springs!

Visit one of Americas Hot Springs and camp under the stars while soaking in the warm soothing water during the day. Hot Springs Arkansas is a great example. This is somewhere in between true “roughing it” camping and the comforts of a hotel w/ hot bath!

Cheap Vacation 6: Europe on a budget!

Two things come to mind when making a Cheap Vacation to Europe: Hostels and Eurorail. Hostels can be found in most major European cities and offer a warm nights stay for little to no money. With a Eurorail pass, you can travel around to many different cities for a very affordable price.

Cheap Vacation 7: Cruise Vacation

If you choose an interior cabin on a 4-day cruise from most major ports you can find deals as low as a few hundred buck including all meals! Check the various travel agencies and shop around, these deals are hard to miss and can be a great way to vacation in the sun on a tight budget.

Cheap Vacation 8: Bus Across America

Greyhound bus lines offers cheap travel alternatives clear across the United States. You can plan out your trip and choose some cities to stay overnight in, book a cheap motel and see the country on a tight budget!

Cheap Vacation 9: Cancun on a Budget?

Cancun is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. Believe it or not there are a tremendous amount of package deals that can be found on the cheap for a Cancun vacation. One to look at is Dreams resort. You and your loved one can have a three night/four day getaway on the pristine white sand beaches of Cancun for less than $1000!

Cheap Vacation 10: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most affordable island getaways in the Caribbean sea. Hotel rates are extremely reasonable compared to it’s neighboring islands. Most of your food and other expenses are relatively cheap. Punta Cana is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations and believe it or not, it can be a cheap vacation as well!

Source by Mike Batta

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