Top Vacation Spots in the Caribbean


Any of the Caribbean islands will offer you a vacation to remember. What makes the best vacation for one tourist may not be acceptable at all for another so the best vacation spots in Caribbean is really a matter of taste and style. Many vacationers choose the Caribbean mainly for the sun and sand and all of the islands will provide you with this. When you are more specific in your reasons for a vacation in this part of the world, then you can get more specific in the best vacation spots offering the opportunities you want.

If beaches are the main focus of your vacation, then you just have to choose Anguilla. Shoal Bay Beach is a stretch of silver sand where you can soak up the rays of the sun and engage in numerous activities, such as snorkelling with the wide array of colourful fish just below the surface of the water. Hike to Katouche Beach, which is the perfect location for a picnic in the shade of the large trees. Antigua is famous for its numerous beaches. It has been said that there is a beach here for every day of the year. The hotels and resorts are built right on the beaches which makes it very convenient.  Aruba is also another island well-known for its beaches and has been named one of the 12 best beaches in the world.

For the best snorkelling locations, you don’t have to go any further than Antigua. Most of the beaches on this island have clear, calm waters populated by numerous brightly colored marine life. Enjoy the sight of sea anemones and different elk and brain coral. Bonaire Marine Park on the island of Bonaire is another perfect location to choose. Here you can wade off the beach right next to your hotel to take in the sights of the underwater world.

Bonaire is also touted as the best diving destination in the Caribbean. There are many reefs surrounding the island that have not felt the effects of pollution because of the environmental laws of Bonaire. There are mountains under the water cause by volcanic eruptions and there are fringe reefs off just about every beach. The Virgin Islands is also another location for superb diving experiences. The wreck of the HMS Rhone, which sank off Salt Island, is one of the most popular with divers. Another world class diving location in the Caribbean is Grand Cayman Island where you have a full range of professional diving services at your disposal.

Just about every hotel and resort in the Caribbean provides small sailboats for the guests. However, if sailing is the reason for your vacation, the best spot to choose is the Grenadines. This is because sailing is a way of life on these islands, many of which are not accessible by air. The Virgin Islands are also excellent choices and is the destination of many yachters.

Golfers travel to the Caribbean to take in the best courses. The Tierra del Sol Golf Course on Aruba has been named the best golf course, but there are award winning courses in the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe and Jamaica as well.

When you plan your vacation to the Caribbean, decide what you want in a vacation and then find the island that best meets that need.

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