Vacation Rental Information Guest Book


Have you ever been on vacation and stayed somewhere where you could not find information on anything such as places to visit, or where to eat?

If you an owner or manager of a vacation rental property, it is important that your guests feel comfortable and at ease in finding out information on the surrounding area that they are not yet familiar with.

An information guest book is fairly easy for an owner to create, and need not be fancy. You can get a 3-ring binder, add clear sheet protectors, and insert your pertinent information that you have handwritten or printed out on the computer.

Here are some recommendations on what to include:

Front Cover: Decorate with house name or photograph of the rental place;
Cover Page: Welcome statement, Name, Address, Phone # of Home, and Owner/Caretaker contact phone numbers;
Include a Map of the Area;
House Rules: (such as no pets, no smoking, trash deposit, etc.);
The Community Association Rules (if applicable);
Instructions for Operation of Household Equipment;
Local Emergency #’s for police/fire, listing of area medical clinics & hospitals, drug stores;
Listing of Local TV Channels & Radio Stations;
Listing of Area Restaurants & Grocery Stores;
Listing of Area Attractions & Parks;
Listing of Transportation Sources;
Any Other Unique Information to Your Area.

Another suggestion is to include another page, or a separate write-in book for guest comments on their stay and what they did. This will be helpful and entertaining for future guests to read.

In summary, by creating a nice, handy booklet for your rental home, this increases the odds of your guests having a great time, and their willingness to return for a repeat visit.

Source by Tamara Camden

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