Western Colorado's Top Five Attractions


The Top Five Travel Destinations in Western Colorado

Western Colorado is indeed an incredible vacation idea. The natives are friendly and you will feel welcomed. From the ancient sandstone cities of Mesa Verde to the dark deep canyons of the Gunnison River, from snowcapped mountain ranges to sunny deserts, Western Colorado has been attracting visitors from all over the world for centuries.  There are plenty of exciting vacation adventures for you. Here are the top five travel destinations in Western Colorado

1. The Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde is one of the archeological wonders of the World and a archeological masterpiece. It is the most popular tourist destinations in Western Colorado. Mesa Verde’s ancient sandstone cities are a magnificent a symbol of mystery, which takes you on a journey of discovery into the rich and historic culture of the Anasazi.  Although it is off the beaten path, in the backcountry of the American Southwest, it is worth it

2. The Durango Silverton Railroad

The Durango Silverton narrow gauge steam train is a must visit.  You will relive history when you step abroad.   You will experience the beautiful scenery of the mountains and wilderness from the window seat of you railroad cars. As the train slowly chugs it way up the Las Animas River and over the sheer cliffs into the wild western town of Silverton Colorado, you will relive what train travel was like in the 1880’s of the American west.  The best option is to ride the train up to Silverton Colorado in the morning and return on a sightseeing bus in the afternoon.

3. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Boat Ride

The Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park is an awesome gorge. It is so deep, so sheer and so narrow that very little sunlight penetrates it depths. Driving to the rim, you have no indication of what awaits you; suddenly you are looking deep into a most magnificent chasm. A half mile down you see a narrow ribbon of shining silver. It is the Gunnison River

You can enjoy the depth of the Black Canyon on a large pontoon boat.  It is a serene and peaceful experience. Surrounded by the sheer granite walls, towering cliffs, the ride through narrow canyons of The Gunnison River can be a great experience. You will believe you are in a mystic Norwegian fjord. 

4. The Grand Mesa

Situated just east of Grand Junction Colorado, is The Grand Mesa, The Largest Flat Top Mountain in the world. The mesa is so unusual that it has many names. The Utes called it “Thunder Mountain”, the early settlers called it “The Island in the sky” and the Spanish called it “The Grand Mesa”.  Today, everybody calls it a sportsman’s paradise. The top of Grand Mesa is 10,500 feet above sea level. It’s big . . . very big!  It is honey-combed with over 300 lakes, 200 of those lakes are filled with trout. The cool, green mountain top is covered with aspen groves and evergreen forest. From the west rim “At Lands End” you can see forever and beyond.


5. Colorado National Monument

 The 23 miles drive around the rim is magnificent.  This is canyon country, big, bold and rugged, but magnificently beautiful. Huge towers of red sandstone standing in a picturesque canyon frame a panoramic view. The Colorado National Monument towers over the Grand valley. You can see it from any place in Grand Junction or Fruita. And yet it remains relationally unknown outside of Western Colorado. The Monument is one of the more overlooked scenic jewels of the west.

These are just five the top travel adventures you will have in Western Colorado. But there are enough attractions and outdoor activates in Western Colorado to fill a lifetime of Vacations.  You first will not be you last!

Source by Tod Vandewalker

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